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by Stephanie on September 2, 2015 · 0 comments

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I’m way behind on sharing the books I’ve been reading.  I’m pretty much on track for finishing my challenge of finishing 52 books this year which is crazy.  It is more than I’ve read in the last five years put together and I’ve been enjoying the variety from choosing books to fit a prompt.

In order to catch up on the books I’ve read in the last two months I will forgo the longer reviews and just give short blurbs.

Prompt: A book that scares you


Really good.  Different that I expected given my entire knowledge of this book is based on the movie Young Frankenstein.  I had heard it was super scary but it really wasn’t.

Prompt: A graphic novel


It turns out that the term graphic novel can be used for illustrated novels as well as comic anthologies.  This was the latter.  It was amusing but I would rather have tried out a true novel.

Prompt: A popular author’s first book


An easy read about three sisters who fight a lot but ultimately love each other.  I’d recommend it.

Prompt: A book that made you cry


A high school girl writes letters to dead, famous people to help her get over the death of her sister.  A little “high school” but overall pretty good.

Prompt: A book published this year


The premise of this one was a little different.  Told from four different viewpoints: Love, Death, boy, and girl.  Nice twist: Love is male and Death is female.

Prompt: A book with a one-word title


Great book!  The length is a little daunting (880 pages).  Lots of history and a decent amount of… ahem… love making.

Prompt: A book at the bottom of your to-read list


At the bottom of my list because *gasp* The Fault In Our Stars wasn’t my favorite.  This one was also just okay for me.  I don’t think John Green will be on my list in the future.

Progress towards Reading Challenge: 65.4% (34 of 52 books).


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