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Food poisoning is the WORST.

I came down with it in the early hours of Sunday morning and thought I was going to die.  It was the most horrific 12 hours I can currently remember though that is probably just because it is so fresh in my mind.  Unlike the tuna at “Café Fresh” which apparently was not fresh at all.  Boo.  BOO.

It has taken my stomach three full days to recover but today I think I’m finally back to normal.  This means I can eat things besides saltines.  Yay.

I leave for India on Saturday.

So I guess it’s a good thing I’m better, huh?  I hear a lot of people get sick in India due to food and water though so I’m a little bit terrified that I’m going to end up going a second round.  You know what makes me feel better?  I’ve been to 15 countries (at least a few where you need to watch out for food/water) and never once gotten sick.  It’ll be fine… I hope.

This travel is for work of course.  It’ll mark country #16!  Not bad for my worldly travels so far.  I’ll be going to Indore  (on the map below) and Dewas (just north of Indore).


I should really pack.

After I do laundry, of course.  I should make a list too.  In reality though, I’m not that concerned with forgetting things.  If you have a passport, everything else can be bought.  So why worry?

I would totally love to just grab my passport and hop on a plane someday.  It goes against all of my plan-making nature but I think it would be a fun adventure.

Not having someone to travel with is the worst.  This reminds me that my sister (and frequent travel buddy) mentioned a trip to Portugal, maybe in 2016.  I’m crossing my fingers that it happens!  After all, we had a blast together on our other trips.

London/Scotland (2004)


Italy (2009)


(P.S. Going through the old trip pictures to find two to share here made my day.  What great times!)

I’m going to miss this guy while I’m traveling.

Dean took really good care of me this week.  He was so sweet, just curling up next to me when I didn’t feel good.


I’ve become a total pushover about letting him on the couch and bed.  You know what though?  I don’t even care.  He’s lived half his life already and he’s been there for me in my darkest times.  He deserves all the love and plush accommodations I can give him.

Besides, you say no to that face!


That’s probably enough rambling for today.  Check back for more tomorrow! :)


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