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by Stephanie on May 7, 2014 · 1 comment

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Hey all!

I haven’t had much down time to write on this trip.  It’s been 12 hour workdays and then dinner and heading to bed before doing it again.  I thought I’d pop in and share a few thoughts on my travels in India so far.  It list form, of course, because I love lists.

  • It is a 10.5 hour time difference between here and the Midwest.  The half hour is super weird.
  • I have been kicking myself since I got here because I packed workout clothes and then totally forgot shoes.  All I have is my dressy work shoes and a pair of sandals.  Neither are conducive to running or biking.  Hence, triathlon training is taking a hit this week.  Whomp Whomp.
  • Indian food is spicy.  Their version of “not spicy” is the US version of “hmm, that has a kick”.  I love spicy food so it is a good fit.
  • There isn’t as much curry as I expected.  It’s available but it isn’t in everything.
  • I’ve eaten many things but I honestly haven’t nailed down the Indian names for them.  There’s a really good lentil soup I’ve had twice.  I like their flat bread that they dip in the soup as well.  Their basmati rice is delicious.
  • At work they feed us nonstop.  They set plates of chips and cookies out for each of us at about 10 AM.  Lunch is at 1 PM and they serve more snacks in the afternoon.  It is very nice, but I really don’t need all this food.
  • I’m not sure I’m going to get to do any sight-seeing at all.  We didn’t expect the work days to be so long.  Work is why I’m here though and I’m still getting a first-hand view of what it is like for my Indian coworkers.
  • It is interesting that in India and China honking is viewed as a means of acceptable communication between drivers.  Honking is their way of saying “hey there, I’m here… don’t move over!”  They honk all the time.  It comes in handy since most roads don’t have lane lines and even when they do, it is clearly just a suggestion.
  • In India, their equivalent of nodding their head is a sort of head bobble that kind of looks like they are shaking their head no.  But really it means yes.  I keep forgetting that and it has caused some confusion.
  • The city of Indore is nice.  The buildings are older and a little run down but they obviously keep them well and try to make their homes look nice.  Some are brightly colored.  There is a lot more green (trees, plants, flowers) than I expected as well.  They are lining all of the roads and in all of the medians.  There are some really pretty trees and flowers I’ve never seen before.
  • We drove past a wedding on our way home from work last night and our coworker told us that an Indian wedding will have anywhere from 500-2,000 guests!  They obviously don’t cost as much as in the US but still.  Can you imagine?!
  • The cows here are not your typical Wisconsin cows.  I still love them though.  Cows rule.
  • I saw huge black wild boar!  They were just hanging out on a city side street.  No big deal.


Okay, that’s all I have for today.  I’ll share the few pictures I’ve been able to take next week when I’m back home.

Have a great week!


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