Sunday Summary: Sprint Tri Training Week #1

by Stephanie on April 27, 2014 · 0 comments

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For a while now I’ve been trying haphazardly doing weekly workout wrap-ups.

Enter Sunday Summary.

I consider my weeks to start on Monday in terms of workouts.  So every Sunday I’m going to post a summary of the week’s workouts and talk about how training is going.  The next 8 weeks will be training for my sprint triathlon on June 14th.  After that we’ll switch to my next race (7 mile run) and so on.  This will keep me accountable and let you see what I’m doing.

Here we go!


This was a great start to triathlon training.  It feels amazing to be doing all three sports again.

The Tuesday run was super fun.  I ran with my training partner and a friend, her husband, and her 3-year-old son.  They pushed their son in a stroller most of the time but he got out for a while and ran alongside us too.  So fun!  We are slowly working in speed work now that we are done with Couch to 5k so the ‘pickups’ are where we pick up the speed.  Right now we are just picking landmarks like “to the next sign” and then taking a few minutes to recover before the next one.  We will work our way up to 10+ pickups per run.  Man, I forgot how hard it is to run fast!

This week really showed me how dedicated I am going in to this training cycle.  Let’s check out the examples, shall we?  On Wednesday I planned a morning swim but I overslept.  I had a rough day at work and could have easily justified going home but I went to the gym and swam my workout.  On Thursday night I had a run planned but I was feeling blue and it got the best of me.  Instead of calling it a loss, I got up on Friday morning before work and did my run.

A few months ago I would have made every excuse in the book to skip out on workouts.  Apparently now I’m serious about getting in my workouts.  No one is more surprised than me! 😛

Next week I plan to add strength training in to the mix and see how that goes.

Happy Training!


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