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I’ve held off posting about the retreat I went on three weekends ago because I haven’t known how to put it in to words.  I don’t speak about my faith on the blog much.  It is something I have struggled with since I was about eight years old.  It is a personal journey for me but this was such an important experience that I can’t help but want to share it.

This retreat came at the perfect time for me.  A friend of mine asked me to consider going on Cursillo over a year ago.  At that time I was still too deep in depression to even consider it.  He asked again last fall and I said considered it, but said no because it did not fit with my work schedule.  When he asked me a month ago I said yes.  I didn’t think much of it until after, but I think there is a reason I finally went when I did.

Okay, so, what is Cursillo?  It is a spanish term which means essentially ” a short course in Christianity”.  It is a three-day weekend (Thursday night – Sunday night) put on by the Catholic diocese in my area.  It is open to all Christians and we had many denominations represented.  There are women’s and men’s weekends separately.  There are no electronics or time pieces of any kind allowed.  You are totally unplugged.

Being unplugged, for starters, was amazing.  My iPhone is the only phone I have so there pretty much isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have it with me.  I reached for it several times on Thursday night and then I didn’t miss it one bit.  It helped that I was surrounded by people all the time.  No loneliness to make me reach for social media!

We spent the weekend learning, sharing, praying, and reflecting on many different areas of life.  I can’t say much else about what we specifically did.  Words don’t do it justice.  All I know is that it opened something up inside of me that had been closed for the last couple of years.  I felt truly like myself for the first time since my life fell apart in early 2012.  I felt happy, vibrant, outgoing.  I felt confident.  I felt at peace.

That peace has carried over in to the rest of my life since the retreat ended.  I feel more at peace.  More connected to my faith.  More supported by a local community.  In fact, the retreat made me realize I haven’t been taking advantage of the faith community locally and I plan to be more involved.  For me faith can be very difficult but I have always recognized its importance.  Now I need to work on it and act on it more in everyday life.

There is definitely such thing as a “retreat high”.  For days after the retreat I was kind of floating in a peaceful little bubble.  I was all “Yay, God!” and things like that.  The high has subsided but the retreat has definitely stayed with me and impacted my in a more lasting way.  Way more could I ask for?

I would recommend Cursillo to any Christian.  In fact, I’ll be sponsoring a friend of mine who will be attending Cursillo later this year.  You may not think retreats are your thing.  But how often in your life do you really take time thinking about what is important: our lives, our faith, our relationships?  How often do you really let people in and connect with them on a real, personal level?  Cursillo and many other types of retreats offer an opportunity to do this and the benefits can be more than you expect.

Have you been on a retreat?  What did you get out of it?


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