Friend Makin’ Mondays: Hobbies & Games

by Stephanie on April 2, 2014 · 1 comment

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I’m a couple of days late to this party but I liked the topic so much I wanted to participate.  If you want to join in just answer the questions in a post and link up in the comments on Sarah’s blog post.


1. Do you have a favorite board game?

Trivial Pursuit!  Scene It is great too.  Really any trivia game.  I love them but it is sometimes hard to find people to play because so many don’t like them.  I figure even if I suck I’m learning!



2. Do you have a favorite card game?

Euchre is my first love.  Shanghai Rummy is also really fun.  And if it is just me and my Mom, the little known Spite & Malice.  My family LOVES cards J


3. Do you play games on your phone?

Yep.  I still play Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends with just a few people and I enjoy those.  I also play Tetris.  I try new games every now and then but they usually don’t stick for more than a week or two.


4. Do you prefer the x-box, PlayStation or Wii?

Probably the Wii.  Mostly because I can play old school original Mario on it!


5. Do you have a favorite outdoor hobby?

Biking tops the list, followed by running.  Going to the dog park is on there too.


(I love Darkwing Bike!)

6. Have you ever been geocaching?

Nope!  But I’m just nerdy enough that I would probably enjoy it.


7. What’s your favorite hobby?

Probably working out.  Biking, running, and lifting weights.  I really do enjoy them.


8. Is there a hobby you would love to try but are too scared too?

Learning to play guitar.  Music is one of those things I love but I’m not naturally talented.  I played clarinet & sax in middle and high school but I had to work hard to be decent.  I can read music but I don’t have a very good ear.  I took my Mom’s guitar years ago but the thought of how hard I’ll have to work to get good at it has kept me from even starting.  I think taking lessons would help, instead of trying to learn on my own.


9. Do you enjoy doing puzzles?

YES!  It’s been a while since I’ve done one but it is one of the activities in my jar so I will be doing one sometime this year.


10. Have you taken any classes in anything?

Not really.  I would love to try fun classes like glass blowing or ceramics, or something like that.  If I get a sewing machine again someday I will take a class or two in that because I’d like to be able to make clothes and I have no idea how to follow a pattern.  Pillows and duvet covers (read: straight lines) are my wheelhouse.

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Sarah S April 6, 2014 at 4:44 PM

Great answers, I look forward to you taking ‘doing a puzzle’ out of your jar :)
I haven’t played trivial pursuit in years – used to love playing that


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