52 Activities in a Jar: Week 4

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This year I wrote 52 activities on slips of paper and put them in a jar.  I am drawing one out every Sunday and trying to complete that activity during the week.  Some will have me serving others, some will be something I’ve never done, and some are just for fun.  The idea is to add a little variety to each week.  Feel free to join in any time!




I’m staying on top of this challenge.  Every Sunday night before I go to bed I go “oh crap, I need to draw something out of the jar!”. :)

Week 4 draw:


My Grandma’s cheesecake recipe is one of my very favorite recipes from my childhood.  It is SO good.  I’ve never had another cheesecake like it because the main ingredient, rather than cream cheese, is cottage cheese.  Weird, right?  It ends up being a very light, fluffy consistency that pairs perfectly with the graham cracker crumb crust.

I used to ask my Mom to make this for me all the time until I finally made it with her.  It feels like it takes every dish in the kitchen!  It wasn’t as bad as I remembered, but it did take several.


The end result was totally worth it though.  It took 24 hours setting up in the fridge but it made my day when I finally got to eat a piece!

slice of cheesecake

Do you have a favorite family recipe?


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