Weekly Wrap-up: Social Butterfly

by Stephanie on January 26, 2014 · 0 comments

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This was a BUSY week!  I had something going almost every night.  It was a very draining week but there were lots of fun parts.  Shall we recap my social exploits in bullet point format?  I think we shall.  You know how I love lists :)

  • Monday’s Beer & Bacon Tasting:  This was AMAZING.  Seriously.  I know the owner of the brand new bar that hosted this event and everything was perfect.  They’ve got plans for lots more tasting events like this and you can bet I’ll be a regular.


  • Wednesday’s Volleyball league plus working:  Volleyball league was a little frustrating this week because all of the games were really close but we lost.  My rather large competitive streak really hates losing.  After that I worked from home for about 3 hours.  Work has been really busy and two nights this week I put in night hours in addition to normal workdays.  It’s happening today too.  Hoping that slows down.
  • Thursday’s Meet the Baby:  My friends had a second baby in October and the holidays were so craziness I hadn’t met her yet.  Turns out she is a cutie!  Lots of smiles.  We ordered pizza and watched UP because I’d never seen it.  What an adorable movie, especially for dog lovers.  I love Doug!


  • Friday’s Game Night: We played Zero (a fun game my sister introduced me to at Christmas) and Cards Against Humanity.  The latter was wrong on so many levels but so hilarious.


  • Saturday’s Medal Organizing:  The morning was spent organizing leftover medals from 16 years of the Quad City Marathon.  I’m trying to figure out how many we have from each year because I’ve got some ideas for repurposing them into gifts for sponsors and fun items to sell at the expo.  It’ll take a few more weekends to get this project done.
  • Sunday – Hanging out with a friend, helping her paint her basement, and ordering in dinner.  Good times!


On the fitness front this week was pretty good.  I had 4 good workouts despite my day job and all my other activities.  I was hoping for 5 this week, but it is an improvement over the three I got in last week.  Slow and steady.

I did do a short running test and I think my ankle is ready!  This coming week I’ll be starting the Couch to 5k program to ease back in to running and allow my ankle to get stronger.


Tell me about your week!


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