Out of the Darkness

by Stephanie on January 5, 2014 · 0 comments

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Hi Friends!

I hope some of you are still around and reading despite the fact that this blog has been dark for almost two months.

I took a break from blogging for a host of reasons that I don’t want to get in to in detail.  The time off was good for me.  It allowed me to step back and look at what I was doing and what I wanted.  In particular I learned two things.

1)      I love writing & the blogging community


2)     I had lost myself a little

I missed writing almost immediately after I stopped blogging.  I switched to journaling, which helped at first, but then I found I missed the community.  There is something special about sharing your story, communicating with like-minded people, and knowing you are not alone.  It is not surprising that I was more active on Twitter and Instagram in the last two months than ever before!

However, I also realize that I kind of lost sight of myself.  Last year I was looking for change and fulfillment and I was jumping on every bandwagon I saw to help me do it.  30 day vegan challenge?  Sure!  Paleo diet?  I’m in!  Paying a ton for a personal trainer?  Yes please.  Or maybe I should try this workout… or this diet… or this… or… you get the picture.  I was all over the map and not surprisingly, I have very little in health (or happiness) gains to show for it.

These last two months away from blogging and even blog reading to an extent have helped me get back in touch with… well, me.  I’ve always had a pretty strong sense of self and the events of the last couple of years and the resulting depression have shaken that foundation.  But I think I’ve found it again.

So now I’m ready to get back to blogging and sharing MY story with all of you.  What will that include?

Fitness.  For me, being an athlete is a major defining love of mine.  A blog called Athlete at Heart should focus on that, right?  Right!  I’m going to work on getting back in shape so I can start tackling more athletic events and new distances. Expect topics weekly fitness recaps, training plans, workouts, gear, strength, and many others.

Mental & Emotional Health.  My struggle with depression has really taught me the importance of mental and emotional health. It probably trumps even physical health!  I’ll be talking about depression, self-love, happiness, relationships, etc.

Weight Loss.  This is tricky.  I won’t be following a specific diet.  In my experience, weight loss for me comes when I am most active (particularly running) and when I focus on eating to fuel that activity.  I’ll do a full post on this but basically weight loss is a goal and something I’ll be tracking but my focus will be more on fitness & overall happiness.

Inspiration.  Nothing excites me more than when a friend of mine starts running or signs up for their first triathlon.  I want to be an inspiration and a resource to everyone who has a fitness goal.  I’ll cheer you on, give you advice, and show you the way because I truly believe there’s an athlete in everyone!

Life.  This blog is about me after all so sometimes that’s what you get.  My rambles, thoughts, and pictures!

I plan on posting 3-5 times a week on weekdays and really engaging in the community again.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride!


If you are a reader I would LOVE a comment telling me who you are and what you’d like to see from Athlete at Heart this year. :)


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