52 Activities in a Jar

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I recently read about this idea on the lovely Dacia’s blog and loved it so much I thought I would steal it!  It is so simple, but most good ideas are.

All you have to do is write down 52 activities on separate pieces of paper.  Fold them up.  Put them in a jar or bowl or hat.  Every week, pull out an activity.  Complete the activity.  That’s it!

These shouldn’t be things that are long term.  They should be something you can do in a about a week’s time.  There are SO many possibilities.  The activities can be something you’ve never done, something fun for you, something nice for others, or crazy things (do cartwheels down your street maybe!).

Every week it will be a surprise what activity you draw.  Hopefully the activity will push you out of the weekly grind and invite some fun and excitement in.

For me, I want my list to bring me some joy and adventure.  I already missed the first two weeks of the year but I am still putting 52 activities in.  I’ll be drawing my first activity on Sunday and I’ll blog about them as I go.  And I decorated my mason jar.  Can you guess how?


Those are balloons!  I just snipped off the top and bottom and slid them around the jar.  Pretty neat!

50 Activities for 2014

  1. Send snail mail to 5 people
  2. Reconnect with a friend
  3. Volunteer
  4. Buy a stranger’s coffee/meal
  5. Buy a gift for someone for no reason
  6. Get a massage
  7. Get a facial
  8. Eat really good ice cream
  9. Spend a day electronics free
  10. Spend the day in pajamas
  11. Dress up for no reason
  12. Take a day off of work
  13. Buy something I’ve been wanting
  14. Give myself a pedicure
  15. Listen to live music
  16. Go to a sporting event
  17. Have a girl’s night
  18. Go stargazing
  19. Do another vlog (video blog) post
  20. Make my Grandma’s cheesecake
  21. Go to a movie
  22. Have a dance party at home
  23. Be crafty
  24. Spend a day at Michael’s Fun World (batting cages, arcade, laser tag, etc)
  25. Go to the pool for fun (not swimming laps!)
  26. Go to the casino
  27. Go to the Farmer’s Market
  28. Attend a local event
  29. Go bowling
  30. Plan a game night
  31. Take a day trip
  32. Do a puzzle
  33. Color a picture
  34. Get Dirty
  35. Spend the day outdoors
  36. Get a hair consultation
  37. Make soup in the Vitamix
  38. Go to Niabi Zoo
  39. Try a new food
  40. Try a new restaurant
  41. Try a new class/activity at the gym
  42. Learn something new
  43. Go hiking
  44. Explore my own city
  45. Go skydiving
  46. Create a recipe
  47. Read a new book
  48. Introduce myself to a stranger
  49. Take the water taxi across the Mississippi River
  50. Call/Visit a psychic or palm reader
  51. Visit a local winery
  52. Paint my own pottery

What would be on your list?


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