52 Activities in a Jar: Week 1

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If you recall, this year I wrote 52 activities on slips of paper and put them in a jar.  I am drawing one out every Sunday and trying to complete that activity during the week.  Some will have me serving others, some will be something I’ve never done, and some are just for fun.  The idea is to add a little variety to each week.  Feel free to join in any time!




This week I had to draw twice because the first one wasn’t possible.  This is going to happen sometimes because of the nature of the activities I chose.


Yeeeaahh… so it is the middle of winter and the River is closed on account of all the ice and below freezing temperatures.  Hopefully I’ll draw this one again in one of the warmer months.

When I drew again I laughed out loud.


Okay, almighty jar, fine.  If you INSIST.  Sheesh.  :)

So back in 2004 I studied abroad in London and I fell in love with that city.  There were Haagen-Dazs shops all over and we frequented them because the ice cream was so creamy and rich and delicious.  I remember one evening getting Haagen-Dazs from a corner shop and then going for a walk.  It was early December so the Christmas lights were up on the buildings.  I walked to Coven Garden to see the big tree.  It was gorgeous.  And I happened upon an outdoor concert by an R.E.M. cover band.  It was such a fun evening.

Haagen-Dazs ice cream always reminds me of those kinds of nights in London.  Plus, my family takes ice cream pretty seriously.  It’s basically a food group.

It took me two nights to finish my pint of Pralines and Cream and I enjoyed every. single. bite.


(my post workout snack!)

What kind of memories does ice cream bring up for you?


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