The Truth About Writing… & My Vacation Plans!

by Stephanie on October 17, 2013 · 0 comments

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This basically means that I need to write my ideas down when I have them so at times like this I can actually remember.  You’d think I would know this by now.

Since I’m blanking on everything else though, I will tell you all that I am REALLY EXCITED for this weekend and next week.  Want the rundown?

My family is coming in on Friday for my cousin’s wedding.  I’ll be leaving work about an hour early to drive to Milwaukee to meet up with them and go to the wedding on Saturday.  For this I got a pretty new dark purple dress, a black cardigan to go over it (its cold here!) and a pedicure. :)

On Sunday my parents and I will be driving back to my hometown in Wisconsin to spend a couple of days visiting friends they don’t get to see much since they moved south to Georgia about eight years ago.  This includes time spent with one of my oldest friends, Katie, and her new baby Owen.  He’s kind of adorable and the first baby I’ve really felt a strong attachment to, because he is hers.  (When my sisters have babies I’m sure I will feel even stronger about them.)

Monday afternoon-Thursday my parents are coming back to the Quad Cities with me to hang out.  I have vacation the whole week so I’ll be showing them around and doing lots of fun things.

Next Thursday my parents and I will fly to Atlanta to meet up with my sisters and some of their friends to do a 5k supporting multiple myeloma research.  This is the type of cancer with which my dad was diagnosed last year.  To celebrate him being in remission, we are all walking the 5k together.  It makes me tear up just thinking about it.  It’s been a really hard and scary year and being able to do this with my entire family… it means everything.

On Sunday I’ll have to fly back home and go… back to work, back to reality (anyone else singing that line back there??).  But it is going to be an awesome week and all I want is for it to start already!

What fun things do you have coming up?


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