Fun Fact Friday: I’ve Got Geckos!

by Stephanie on September 27, 2013 · 0 comments

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Isn’t it funny how as a blogger when you don’t publish a post for a while, you feel the need to apologize?  Let’s be honest, we all have times when we need a break to disconnect and just deal with life and our thoughts in private.  But I’m back!  And to make up for my absence, here’s a cute picture of my dog as a puppy.



This Friday I thought I’d share a possible little known fact about me.  I have pet geckos!

I’ve been a reptile lover for quite some time.  I got my first gecko in college and he was named Guffy (short for Guffaw, because it’s a fun sound).  He was a leopard gecko.  While very pretty, they aren’t super domestic and have a tendency to run away and get lost in your apartment every time you try to handle them.  Not a very fun pet.


After that I graduated to crested geckos.  Rather than being a dessert reptile they are more of a jungle lizard.  They have sticky feet and can climb trees, walls, and just about anything else, like people!


How cute is he?  They are easy to handle too.  They will run up and down your shirt or your arms and jump from one hand to the other (they are really good jumpers).  They will also eat right out of your hand!  You can mash up fruit like banana, use baby food fruit, or they sell crested gecko diet powder that you can mix with water.


Unless they eat out of your hand, they’re going to want live crickets.  They’re hunters.  Pet stores and care sheets will tell you that they’ll eat mealworms but I have yet to meet a gecko that will.  Luckily, they make really cool contraptions so you never have to touch a cricket.  Pet store to terrarium with no sweat.


My absolute most favorite thing about geckos though, is their tongue.  They don’t have eyelids so they can’t moisten their eyes by blinking.  So often they will lick their eyeballs!  It seriously is hilarious and awesome.  Don’t knock it til you’ve seen it.  (Maybe I should post a video of it sometime?).

Have a good weekend friends.


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