Gutentag from Germany!

by Stephanie on June 6, 2013 · 0 comments

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Well friends, I’m in Germany!

This is the first of my international travels this summer.

So far it has been a pretty good trip, though I did forget to bring any camera except my iPhone.  Whoops.

I landed in Frankfurt on Tuesday and rented a car with two of my coworkers to drive to Mannheim.  We found the hotel in our car’s navigation system and started the route.  Turns out, our navigation system doesn’t know what the heck it is talking about!

For starters we went out of Frankfurt in a very scenic but roundabout way.  We actually drove through some kind of natural park.  We were on a brick road with trees (not city trees, woods) on both sides.  At one point our nav system told us to turn on what appeared to be a hiking trail head.  I don’t think so, crazy computer lady.

It did get us to the Autobahn eventually and then we followed the directions right into the heart of a small village that was clearly not Mannheim.  So we ended up turning off the navigation system and just found our own way to Mannheim and then to our hotel.  We did surprisingly well considering we had no map!


Hotel courtyard with skylights over lobby.

We got to the Mannheim City Centre and it is a great little downtown area.  It is super pedestrian friendly and there are hundreds of shops and restaurants all within walking distance.  I haven’t had much time to explore yet but hopefully I’ll get to do that in the next two days.


This is the Wasserturm (water tower) in the center of Mannheim’s downtown area.

Time for some fun facts from my trip so far before I need to get back to work:

  • Navigation system voices are extremely polite here.  They are soft-spoken, the say please every time they give you a direction, and they do not do the annoying “recalculating” thing.  They are just quiet for a minute and then politely give you the next direction.
  • My first meal was spicy red sausages, mashed potatoes, and red cabbage.  It was amazing.
  • The Coke at my office comes in old-fashioned glass bottles.
  • On Tuesday I thought I was getting noodles in alfredo sauce for lunch.  It was white asparagus in a cream sauce!  Apparently it is in season right now and it’s the special at every restaurant in Germany.

The highlight of my trip so far has been our dinner with our European coworkers last night.  We have people here from Germany, France, Finland, the Netherlands, India, and the States and we all went out to this Italian restaurant overlooking a golf course.  The weather was perfect and we sat outside for almost 4 hours eating and talking.  SO enjoyable!


More later, but back to work for now.

Auf Wiedersehen! (Goodbye!)

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