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by Stephanie on May 2, 2013 · 0 comments

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Random thoughts from yours truly!

1) I ordered a brand-spanking-new 2014 Mustang!  

I went to my car guy (a salesman who’s been good to me) and asked him to look for a 2013 Mustang with the features I wanted.  They couldn’t find it.  So using an employee discount program he told me was available through my company (awesome for him to do that!), I was able to order a brand new 2014 Mustang GT for a very reasonable price.  AND I got everything I wanted.  I may have been teased that there wasn’t a feature left to add, but that’s an exaggeration.  Sort of :)


2) My place is HOT HOT HOT.  

I live in a townhouse apartment on the 2nd floor of a new building.  This past winter was great because heat rises and I barely needed my heat on at all.  Summer is going to be a totally different story.  I came home earlier this week on a warm day and it was 83 degrees inside!  I can handle it… just turn on the ceiling fan and change into shorts and a tank top.  I can’t, however, justify leaving my poor pup in a place that hot all day.  You know it’s bad when he lies on the hard wood floor rather than his fluffy dog bed!

 3.  I’ve been painting my fingernails recently.

I never do that.  It’s helping me not bite or pick at my nails and the skin around them though.  This is something I do a lot when I’m bored/anxious/nervous.  Now my nails are so long that I can feel them when type and I am NOT a fan of that feeling.  Apparently I need to keep them a little shorter.

4. I potted some fresh herbs.

I had a rosemary plant for almost three years but it finally passed on.  I used it regularly for cooking so I went to get another one and I went a little herb-crazy.  I only got four: basil, rosemary, cilantro, and mint.  I figure I can find uses for the other herbs.  Cilantro in salsa, guac, etc.  Mint in iced tea and mojitos.  Yum!  Also, the yellow and blue pots match my yellow and blue dishes. :)


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