My Unexpected Hiking Club Experience

by Stephanie on May 5, 2013 · 0 comments

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All, I’ve just got to share this experience with you because it was too funny.  And maybe it won’t come across that way, but hopefully you enjoy the story and a few of the pictures I took along the way (I’m loving my new Canon Rebel DSLR!).


(overlooking the Mississippi River)

Months ago I heard about a local hiking club that goes hiking all over the area 3 Saturdays a month.  I’ve been wanting to check it out since January but the timing was never right.  Then last week I met a guy at work who is in the club and said it was a good time, a good workout, and they had a good group of people with a good range of ages.  So I decided to check it out yesterday.


 (wildflowers on the hike)

I drove just over an hour to Mississippi Palisades State Park, saw people gathering at the pavilion, and honestly thought I was in the wrong place.  Almost everyone had white hair!  No joke.  I was the youngest person by about 20+ years.  I was there though, so no turning back!

I found out that the club has been around since 1900 and they always have a short hike and a long hike.  The short hike yesterday was about one hour and the long was just over two hours.  And it was hilly.  I did the short hike because I wanted to make sure my ankles held up on the uneven terrain and because I had a Cinco de Mayo dinner to get to afterward.


Along the way I talked to several of the people and they were just a hoot!  Talking about this and that, making jokes.  It was like hanging out at the senior center my Mom worked at when I was younger.  I took a ton of pictures along the way and this man who called himself “Old Earl” kept grabbing my camera and telling me to “go stand over there and I’ll take your picture!”.  Good photographer, wasn’t he?


The day was certainly not what I was expecting at all.  Yet, I had a blast.  I got a good workout, good pictures, and all of the people said they are hoping I’ll come back.  I think I probably will!

And to finish off this story I’ll give you my Mom’s reaction to this story.  “Maybe one of them will have a cute grandson!”

Hope you had a great weekend!


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