May Challenge: No Ordering In

by Stephanie on May 1, 2013 · 0 comments

in Food & Nutrition

Well, with May starting today I decided it was time for a challenge.  A much-needed one.  Lately I have been ordering in dinner a LOT.  Way too much.  It is just laziness.  I have food I could make here but I don’t want to do it after work.


This challenge should make me eat healthier.  It will also save me money.  Not just the cost of the delivery food but the healthy groceries I buy won’t go bad while I eat other food!

This challenge isn’t meant to be restrictive.  It’s not a no eating out challenge.  If I want to go to dinner with my friends, I’ll do it.  It’s just meant to prevent me from taking the easy way out and ordering in food when I am perfectly capable of making something for myself.

What are you challenging yourself to this month?


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