Manic Monday: Boston Marathon Bombings

by Stephanie on April 16, 2013 · 0 comments

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I think yesterday was a tough day for all athletes, especially runners.  Hearing about the bombing of the Boston Marathon finish line area broke my heart.  The runners I know are such a good, friendly group of people.  Why would someone chose to target them?  It is so senseless.

Regardless of the reason, my heart goes out to those that were killed, injured, and affected.  I had a good friend out there for the race and it took me a few hours to hear that she and her husband were okay after I heard the news.  I know that time was very scary for me and I’m sure it was for many others as well.

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and I really liked it.  It’s true… there’s so much good in the world.  We can’t lose sight of that.


I find it amazing what can be accomplished in such a short time on the internet.  There is a movement called Runners United to Remember.  In honor of the people affected by yesterday’s events I will be joining runners all over the world on Wednesday April 17th by wearing a race shirt (underneath my work shirt at the office) and going for a run.  I will not let anyone’s actions make me afraid to live my life and participate in a sport that I love.


This sport will come out of this tragedy even stronger than before.

God Bless & Run Strong, friends.


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