Kale Cubes

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Part of my vegetarian/vegan/paleo challenge is to challenge myself to try new, healthy foods.  Quinoa was my first one and that was a success, though I need to find more recipes for this.

Kale is another food that I’ve never tried but it is lauded as being so nutritious that I figured I definitely should.  One problem with greens though is that they go bad fairly quickly and it’s not always easy to finish a large bunch of kale in that time. 

Enter the solution: Kale Cubes!

This is a super easy way to extend the life of your kale or any other greens.


1. Pull kale off of the stems

2. Chop kale in a food processor

3. Fill an ice cube tray with the chopped kale.  Really stuff it in there!

4. Add a little bit of water to each ice cube spot.

5. Freeze

6. Pop cubes out of the tray and store in a freezer bag


Cool huh?  And it’s SO easy!

Each of these cubes really packs a lot of kale too.  10 cubes = 1 large bunch of kale.

Now, there are a lot of things you can use these kale cubes for but the easiest is probably soup.  A friend of mine (who I got this idea from) made a delicious Kale soup using the cubes.  Such a simple recipe too.  She used veggie broth, sausage, yellow onion, and threw in 3 or 4 kale cubes.  Seriously, try it!  That’s what I’m making with these this week.  I also plan to throw one or two into my smoothies to make them extra healthy.

Now, I originally bought the kale to make kale chips and my first batch did not turn out very good.  I’ll be buying another batch soon to try again and I might just end up with more cubes :)

How do you prolong the life and usefulness of your produce?

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