Friday Faves: Kinetic Fluid Trainer & My New Bike

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Is it possible to treat yourself too much?  Obviously the answer is yes if the treat is ice cream or if you are spending money you don’t have.  Neither of those are the case for me (okay… I do eat a lot of ice cream) but in the last few months I have treated myself a lot.  I mean a LOT!  I bought myself a fancy Canon Digital SLR.  I bought myself an amazing painting.  I bought myself an Apple TV and new speakers.  I bought myself an awesome new couch.  And those are just the bigger things!

There’s no buyer’s remorse here.  I really like all of these things but I’m probably most excited about my bike trainer and my new bike.


Isn’t it awesome?

Okay, for starters I got a Kinetic Road Machine which is their fluid trainer.  These are supposed to be the quietest trainers and have the most realistic road feel.  Essentially your back tire is mounted to the trainer and sits against the flywheel (the silver thing in the back.  As you shift gears on your bike it changes your resistance so you can simulate an easy ride, a hard ride, or anything in between.  There are several good brands of trainers but I took the recommendation of my Ironman cousin Kecia and got he Kinetic one which comes with a lifetime warranty.  Sweet!

My bike was somewhat of an impulse purchase, but I find some of my best buys are.  I had a love-hate relationship with my last bike which was a low-end Trek road bike.  I struggled from day one with it not shifting correctly, the chain falling off, etc.  Part of it was me, I’m sure, but it was to the point that I didn’t even enjoy riding anymore.

This new bike is a Giant Avail 2, which is a higher end road bike with an advanced (i.e. super light and strong) carbon fiber frame.  the components (chain, derailers, gear shifters, etc) are all a few steps up from my old bike as well.  This means they are better quality and should work better.  And if I can get fewer issues with shifting gears, all the money was worth it.  And the money was not insignificant.  Brand new a Giant Avail 2 goes for close to $4,000.  The bike I bought is brand new but is the 2011 model.  It has the same frame and component as the 2013 model and my local bike shop gave me a fantastic deal to help them move out the old inventory.  My price?  $1,600.  SWEET!

I have been riding the trainer a few times a week recently and I love both it and the bike.  It is a great way to get exercise at home while watching my favorite TV shows.


Fun story… my first ever “big kid” bike was a white Giant 10-speed with purple lettering.  I’m not gonna lie, that made me think this new bike was pure destiny!

Okay, so this might sound a little weird (though not if you actually know me) but I want to name this new bike.  I feel like it will help me create a bond with it and make me feel more forgiving towards it when I inevitably have gear shifting issues.

Here are the name candidates so far:

1) Black Beauty

2) Purple Pavement Eater

3) Darkwing Bike

I’d love to hear your name suggestions or which of these 3 names you like best!

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