Depression Lies

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Guys, depression is rough.  I never knew.  You can’t really know unless you go through it.  To not be able to get out of bed.  To feel this cloud hanging over yourself. I felt that way this past weekend.  I’ve been doing better but there are times when it comes on and when it does I can do little but ride it out.  Luckily it only lasts a couple of days at a time but those days feel like an eternity.

The worst thing is that Depression Lies.  The first time I encountered that phrase was reading this post from Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess.  She is a funny, successful woman who has a lot of mental issues and that post is a video of her talking about how depression lies to you.  The video resonates with me more now than it did then but even the first time I saw it when I was completely depression-free I liked it.

Depression lies.  It makes you think you’re not good enough.  That everything would be better if you weren’t around.  That you’ll never have anything you want.  That you are useless.  

And it’s wrong.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s just for full-fledged depression.  I think everyone has these thoughts.  Faces these demons.  We all have times where we think we aren’t important or that no one cares.  It is worse with depression but negative self-talk is rampant.

So here’s Jenny’s message.  Here’s the message that we all need to remember.

You are AMAZING.  You are IMPORTANT.  The people in your life WANT you to be there.  They CARE about you.  Even if you are broken.  You MATTER.  Your life is NOT OVER.

In the middle of it, this can be impossible to believe but it’s true.

Will Wheaton (Star Trek actor and regular guest on The Big Bang Theory) has written about how depression lies too.  He was also inspired by Jenny Lawson.  I think that basically means he and I are buddies.  Right, Will??  Go read what he has to say.  Things get better and we need to make sure we are helping other loved ones that are suffering no matter what the cause (depression, anxiety, other mental illness, etc).

If you are depressed, get help.  There are a million resources.  Talk to a therapist.  Talk to your doctor about medication.  Confide in a family member or friend.  Call a hotline.  Engage in social activities or exercise.  What helps one person may not help someone else but…

There are a million things that can save you every day.

A song.  A movie.  An email.  A compliment.  A phone call.  A lick from a very loving dog.

What saves you every day?

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