Omelets: It’s What’s for Breakfast!

by Stephanie on February 8, 2013 · 0 comments

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My new job is in a new building… my company’s Corporate HQ to be exact.  And you know you’ve made it when the cafeteria offers, as one of its many options, a breakfast omelet station!  And this is just the normal cafeteria, for the normal worker bees.  The executive worker bees have their own dining area where I’m not allowed.


 I felt a little weird about snapping a picture while the chef was making my omelet, but I did it for you.  And I was super covert and spy-like, obviously :)

You can get a half (~2 egg) or full (3-4 egg) and you can load it up any way you want.  The options are pretty extensive.

  • Veggies:  red onion, chives, green peppers, black olives, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapenos, mushrooms
  • Meat:  Bacon, sausage, ham, chorizo

And cheese.  Because you need cheese (says the Wisconsin girl).

This was my first time trying out the omelets at work so I tried the half (plenty big for me) and added spinach, onion, green pepper, bacon, and cheese.


It was really, really tasty.  And cheap!  I got a 20 oz bottle of pop with it and it cost me $3.83.  Based on the normal price of pop that makes a 2 egg omelet approximately $2.50-2.75.  That’s not bad at all, folks.  Not bad at all.

This could become a habit.

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