Not Following Through (Or The Need to Refocus)

by Stephanie on January 24, 2013 · 1 comment

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Okay, time to get real and honest.

I’m not the best at following through on things.

That is not an easy thing to admit but it is, without a doubt, true.

For example, two weeks ago I ran the Donald Duck half marathon at Walt Disney World.  I had been dreaming about having this medal hanging on my wall:


Even more, I dreamed of PRing in the half marathon.  I know I can run faster than I have in the past when I’ve been injured and not tapered correctly.

Unfortunately I did not stick with my training plan at all.  I let life and travel and depression and all kinds of things get in the way.  Because of that lack of training I was woefully out of shape when I toed the starting line.  I was worried about even finishing and I knew a PR was out of the question.  I did finish, but it was my slowest half marathon by over 30 minutes.

This is not the first time I’ve failed to follow through with a training plan.  Actually, I’m kind of the queen of making big, grandiose goals for myself and then losing sight of them.  This is similar to how people make New Year’s resolutions and then drop them a few weeks later.  I’ve been thinking about why this happens lately because I want to turn it around.

First off, most of us have a million things we are trying to do every day.

It is hard to stay focused on long-term goals when more immediate things beg for our attention.

It can be lots of things.  It’s easy to put current work projects in front of eating a healthy lunch.  Or agreeing to stay out late with friends when you know you should go to bed so you can run in the morning.  It is so much easier to turn to comfort and convenience (fast food, TV, staying in a bad relationship or a job you hate) than to strive to make positive changes in your life.

To combat this, we must constantly refocus ourselves on where we want to be and what we want to accomplish.  It can be something as small as flossing every day or something as big as following a dream career.  Whatever you want, don’t let today stand in the way of the tomorrow you want for yourself.


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Maryl January 25, 2013 at 3:04 PM

Mostly, Stephanie, it is because if we are successful then we might have to let go of our current comfort zone of negative self-talk.


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