Midweek Motivation: Reminders

by Stephanie on January 23, 2013 · 0 comments

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They just put this on the wall of the 24 hour fitness center in my townhouse apartment community.  I really like it because I personally will never be the fastest, but I can still do my best, and so can you!  What a great (almost) daily reminder when I go there to work out!



Also, you know that I’m working on making 2013 the year I thrive.  I thought to myself, where is the best place I can put this word as a reminder?  The answer?



I look at my phone what seems like a billion times a day so it seemed like the perfect place.  I did this when I was gearing up for the Disney half marathon too, by putting a picture of the Donald Duck medal as my phone’s background.

What daily reminders do you have or need?

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