Fun Facts Friday: “Currently” Survey

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Currently: January 2013

Current books: Here There Be Dragons is a fantasy series I started over Christmas and the twist at the end of the first book really appealed to my nerdy side so I’m continuing on with the second book, Search for the Red Dragon.  I also just finished Age is Just a Number by Olympic swimmer extraordinaire Dara Torres who I admire a great deal.  This is an AWESOME, INSPIRING book.  Seriously.  Just go read it now.  I’m hoping Daring Greatly (my next read) is just as inspiring!


Current music: My jam right now is Carry On by fun. (The link goes to the official music video on YouTube.  Long intro, lyrics start about 50 seconds in).  I absolutely LOVE the lead singer’s voice and the lyrics are so uplifting.

If you’re lost and alone or you’re sinking like a stone, carry on

May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground, carry on

Current guilty pleasure: I think that would have to be afternoon naps.

Current nail color: I just painted my toes this awesome new 007 Bond color “Die Another Day” by OPI.



Current drink: Sprite Zero.  Gives me the bubbles I love without the caffeine that would keep me up.

Current food: I’m not eating right now but earlier I had mexican with a friend.  We split Queso chorizo dip and a fajita quesadilla and each had our own jumbo margarita.  Yum!

Current favorite show:  Big Bang Theory is the one I’m enjoying the most right now (as it has been for a while).  But new ones I’ve found recently are Nashville and 1600 Penn.  Both pretty good.


Current needs:  A maid.  Seriously, I can’t seem to keep my car or my place clean.

Current wish list:  Considering I already bought basically everything on my previous wish list, I guess I don’t know!

Current triumphs: My first 4.6 lbs lost since reaching my highest weight was a pretty big triumph!

Current bane of my existence:  Work.  Haha :)

Current celebrity crush:  I have three and no, I cannot choose between them.  I want them all.  Though they are in order, new to old.  Ed Westwick (the dark, affected Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl), Matt Bomer (white collar con man Neal Caffrey from White Collar), and Chris Pine (the new Captain Kirk… yes, I’m a nerd).  They are SO hot.


Current indulgence:  In the world of food this would be chinese dumplings.  There’s a great place that delivers near me.  Yeah.  Really yum.

Current blessing:  My friend Aimee.  She is one of few that has really stuck by me and been there for me through everything this last year.

Current slang:  I honestly don’t know.  This makes me feel very uncool… and… awkward.

Current outfit:  If you must know I am wearing snowman pajama pants and a light blue tank top.

Current excitement:  Going on my first outing with a local hiking club next week.  It’s part of my goal to do one new networking/social activity every month to try and meet new people.

Current mood:  A little sad, a little scared, and a little overwhelmed.  But doing this survey has been fun and taken my mind off of other things.

Current link:  This one.  A Minnesota triathlete who did “Friday Funnies” on his normal blog and had so many he created a tumbler blog for all of the funny things he finds on the internet.

What’s going on with you [currently]?  I’m watching Friends and blogging when I really should be going to bed.  Story of my life!  Ok, seriously, here I go.  Goodnight!




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