2013 Disney Half Marathon: The Next 5 Weeks

by Stephanie on December 10, 2012 · 0 comments

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Well, the last two weeks of half marathon training were kind of a loss.  I got maybe two or three runs in total and in general just fell off the workout wagon. 

There’s no point in dwelling on what went wrong.  Anything I say would be an excuse and that’s not what I want to focus on.  I’m here today with a plan to make the most of the 5 weeks I have left before the race.

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The plan has me:

  • Running 4 times each week
  • Working up to a 10 mile long run before the race
  • Tapering before the race

I did not set any goals for strength training during these five weeks.  I hope to work that in but my focus will be on running.  As this plan will be over the holidays, a difficult time of year to stay on track anyway, I am not going to over commit myself.

Here is what I am committing to:

I will complete every run on this schedule for the next 5 weeks.

I will not make excuses.  I will make this training plan my priority.  I will run early in the morning or late at night to get it done.  I will run over the holidays.  I will run on the treadmill if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

If I’m going to reach my athletic goals, exercise and training need to be a priority and it starts now.

Time to bear down!

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