2012 Goals Review

by Stephanie on December 31, 2012 · 0 comments

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I’ve already done a lot of reflecting back on 2012 so this post isn’t going to be very long.  I didn’t meet any of the specific goals I set for 2012.  I didn’t reach my goal weight, run an olympic distance triathlon (I had mono), or do an unassisted pull up.  But there was another goal that I had that I stated, way back in January, was more important than anything else.

End 2012 Happier than I Started It.

In this goal, I have succeeded.  No, I’m not super happy (yet).  I am still struggling to get my life back in order after a heck of a year.  But when I really look at it, I am happier than I was in January last year.

In my opinion, that’s all we can really ask out of a year.


Happy New Year’s Eve, all.

Be safe and God bless.

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