“Welcome to the Dirty Thirties!”

by Stephanie on November 15, 2012 · 0 comments

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That was my favorite happy birthday message I got yesterday.  That’s right… I’m now in my dirty 30s. 


My birthday was yesterday and overall it was pretty good.  Turning 30 didn’t and doesn’t bother me.  The way I figure, the odds that my 3oth year on this planet will be harder than my 29th is very low.  This past year has been hard

Actually, the only birthday that I ever struggled with was 23.  Most people think I’m crazy for that but it makes perfect sense to me.  When I turned 23 I was 6 months out of college.  I had my first big corporate job.  I was living in a city where I knew almost no one.  I was dealing with adult things like insurance.  I was overwhelmed.  Turning 23 was a turning point.  I was officially out of the college age range and on my own as an adult.  That birthday my life was in the midst of one of its biggest changes ever.

Turning 30 is no big deal.  I still have my same, good, challenging job.  I know and like the town I’m living in and have friends here.  I know all about insurance now.  I don’t feel old or past my prime.  My life is not a failure because I’m not yet married or have kids.  Those are both things I want, don’t get me wrong.  But they will come if and when the time is right. 

My 20s were an amazing decade full of fun, friends, heartbreak, and experiences.

So bring it on 30s.  I’ll make you just as good. 

Only dirtier.

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