My Non-Christmas Wish List

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I finished my Christmas wish list and sent it off to my family the other day and I am SO excited about the stuff on it!  But somehow in the last month or so I’ve amassed a growing list of things I want that are too expensive or specialized for my family to get me.  I’m calling it my non-Christmas wish list.  I don’t know when, or even if, I’ll end up buying these for myself but I can dream!

Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer – $369

Bike trainers allow you to ride your own personal bicycle indoors when it is too cold outside.  For someone like me who is considering a half Ironman triathlon next year, this would be a pretty smart purchase.  It would allow me to get into good biking shape long before I can bike outside (yay Midwest weather!).  The real benefit of a bike trainer over a stationary bike is that you get more hours on your bike.  You get more comfortable being in the saddle for long periods of time (2-3 hours for a half Ironman!) and more comfortable shifting gears.

Now, there are different types of trainers and everything I’ve heard and read says that fluid trainers are the best.  They provide the best road-like feel and resistance and allow you to change gears to change resistance.  Also, Kinetic sells a riser ring (a platform to put your front tire in so your bike is level) that you can raise up so you can do “uphill” training indoors.

My cousin and her husband have done an Ironman and several half Ironmans and they do lots of indoor riding.  They both swear by this trainer and I trust their judgment in all things triathlon!

Canon EOS Rebel T4i SLR Digital Camera – ~$600 base (more expensive with extra lenses/accessories)

I’ve wanted a nice camera for a long time and this is currently the one I like.  First off, I’m a loyal Canon customer.  I’ve always owned them and I really like them.  I’ve been looking on Consumer Reports and there is one Canon SLR that has a higher rating than this one and that is the Canon EOS 60D.  However, it is only a 3 pt difference in rating, the 60D is larger and heavier than the T4i, and the 60D is $300-400 more expensive.  For 3 rating points I don’t think I need to spend the extra money!  The great thing about these new SLRs is that they basically double as a camcorder, taking good quality HD video with audio.

Fitbloggin Conference Ticket – $299

Let’s face it, I’m buying this one.  I actually already put the dates on my calendar and I can’t wait!  I just need to get around to actually buying it.  All you other bloggers know what Fitbloggin is but for you non-blogging readers I’ll describe it.  It’s an annual conference centered on education and networking for fitness, weight loss, and healthy living bloggers.  The schedule includes speakers, small group discussions, meals, group workouts, and a 5k fun run.

In 2013 the conference is being held in Portland, Oregon from June 27-30.  This means that I get to cross another state off of my list (that’ll be 34 visited!) and I’ll probably be able to extend the trip to visit my friend Carrie in Seattle.  Fun!

Container Set for Kitchen – $??

Honestly, this is the random thing on this list.  I want containers for my flour, sugar, etc for my kitchen.  I want them to look nice and be air tight.  I haven’t started looking to see what is available or what I like and I have no idea what sizes I need.  I also have no idea how much they are though I imagine they aren’t expensive.  The only reason they didn’t go on my actual Christmas list is because I didn’t have time to do the research.

 Laser Hair Removal – ~$2000-5000?

This is the least likely to actually happen but I HATE shaving my legs and my bikini area is no better.  I would love to just have them zapped.  My Mom and sister did it and they seem very happy with the results.  I haven’t actually done the math but with the price of razor blades these days I imagine it would pay itself off sometime over the next 40+ years that I will be shaving.

So, what’s on your non-Christmas wish list?

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