2013 Race Planning

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If you’ve known me for 5 minutes you probably know that I love (LOVE!) planning.  And if I do say so myself, I’m good at it.  These skills most often get used in my life for planning vacations, workouts, and races.

So let’s talk about races, shall we??

This year did not go the way I wanted.  I signed up for a few races that  I didn’t end up doing for various reasons.  Mostly because I was under the weather a lot this summer.  I had strep throat twice and then I got mono and couldn’t work out at all for almost 2 months.  It was not ideal.  The only saving grace is that I didn’t get injured this year.

I have high hopes for 2013 though.  There are a lot of races I’d like to do and I’ve already started the planning.  Actually, the planning started in 2011 after I did the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon.

We had so much fun on that trip that we talked that same weekend about doing the Donald Duck half marathon in January 2013.  Over a year later, three of us from the above picture will be running it  on January 12th!

I’m following up the half marathon with something totally different…

That’s right folks.  I’m going to be running up the John Hancock building in Chicago!  Now, there is a full and a half and I’m only doing the half climb.  That’s 54 flights or 816 stairs!  I have absolutely no idea how long it will take to do that but I figure I can log some time on the stair master after the half marathon is over.

Then, so that I don’t allow myself to fall out of running shape (like I have done each of the last 5 years) I’m hoping to run the Drake Relays half marathon at the end of April.  The Drake Relays are a big track and field event held every year at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  As part of that week of events they do 8k and half marathon road races.  If I do this race I’ll be able to stay with my friend Dana, who may run as well, and spend time with her and her little boy too.  Double the fun!

(couldn’t find a 2013 logo :-P)

After that we’ll be almost into triathlon season here in the Midwest.  My 3 triathlon training buddies (Nina, Ryan, & Steve) and I have been bitten by the half ironman bug and we’ve been talking about it a lot.  Nina started it and it seems to have infected all of us.  The idea of doing a half ironman triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) makes me queasy and excited all at the same time.  However, if I can stay in half marathon shape after January and then add in biking and swimming, rather than starting from scratch in the spring, it could be doable.

The half ironman event that is closest to us and at a time of the year that works for all four of us is likely to be the one in Wisconsin Dells.  According to their website the perks of this race include goggles and a visor in the packet, a finisher’s medal, and… get this… a water slide at the end of the finish line chute!  It makes sense for the Waterpark Capital of the World, but how cool is that?!


Oh, and did I mention that 2-3 weeks before the half ironman I will likely be spending the week biking across Iowa for the 3rd time in RAGBRAI?  Good plan, right?  Oh well… it’s too fun of a week to pass up on.  I haven’t done it since 2010 and my same team from that year has talked about coming back next year.  I totally love next year’s logo too.


So, those are my current ideas for what could be a heck of a year of races!  Hopefully no injuries or illnesses will keep me from having a blast competing in all of these events and of course, adding smaller races like sprint tris and 5ks along the way.

What do you think of my obviously overly ambitious race plans?

What races are you planning for in 2013?

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