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by Stephanie on October 1, 2012 · 0 comments

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As you may recall, I wrote a post about being ready to focus on my weight loss right before I went to China.  Great timing, right?  Oh well.  I’m back and ready to talk about how I plan to do this.

As you may know if you’ve read this blog for long, I dislike nutrition plans or diets that cut out food groups.  It works for a lot of people but personally I have no desire to do it and I don’t think it is a longterm solution for me.  My love affair with bread is too strong!

My goal is to make small, manageable changes that will result in healthier eating.  I want to get the nutrients and balance my body needs.  I can tell when I don’t eat healthy for a period of time.  My body feels different, and not in a good way.  I want to feel good and as a result, I will lose weight.

All that said, I’m going to be focusing on 4 goals:


  • Drinking more water

I feel like I’ve been living on caffeine for months!  For starters, I have water bottles that I refill and keep in my fridge.  I’ll be grabbing one on my way out the door every morning so the first thing I drink, even before I get to work, is water.  I also bought a pretty sweet water bottle to keep at work and refill throughout the day.

  • Limiting Caffeine / Carbonation

I don’t drink coffee, so the culprit I need to address is pop.  Pop is not healthy for multiple reasons but one that my swim coach always stressed was that the carbonation can not only leach calcium from your bones but also prevents your muscles from getting the oxygen they need to perform well.  This is because your body’s cells absorb the CO2 you take in when you drink carbonated beverages.  If your cells are absorbing CO2, they can’t absorb as much oxygen as they need.  In fact, for swim season every year the most dedicated members of his team always cut out carbonated beverages altogether.

Now, this is probably only an issue for athletes.  It probably says something about my mindset that this is the only reason I have ever cut pop out of my diet and the most convincing reason for me to limit my intake now.  I didn’t call this blog Athlete at Heart for nothing!

I’ve really gotten off track a bit here but the main idea here is that I am limiting myself to one carbonated beverage (which will inevitably be pop) per day.  This will likely be a 12 or 20 oz pop (no bigger!).  If I want or need more caffeine than that provides I will turn to my second favorite, and much healthier source: tea.

  • Packing lunches at least 4 days/week

The cafeteria at work has a lot of variety and plenty of healthy options but often I don’t opt for healthy when I eat there.  I’ll be packing lunch and snacks to get me through the day so I don’t fall prey to unhealthy cafeteria fare or vending machines.  Often I will pack breakfast as well since I rarely get up early enough to eat before I leave.  One day a week I will let myself go out for lunch or eat in the cafeteria so I don’t always miss out on my favorites.

  • Eating ~3 cups of fruits and vegetables per day
I struggle to get enough produce on a regular basis and I really need to work on it.  For starters I’ll be getting the nutrients I need.  Plus, if I’m eating 3 cups of fruits and veggies every day I’ll have less hunger and fewer calories to fill up with unhealthy foods.

So there you have it.  Four goals that should get me well on my way to my weight loss goals.  Let’s get started!

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