Feeling Like a Real Runner (And a New Use for My Car)

by Stephanie on October 19, 2012 · 0 comments

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This week has been all kinds of rainy and dreary.  That turned out to not be a horrible thing though because of what happened on Wednesday of this week.  Something that helped prove to myself that I’m back on track.

My schedule told me to run but when I got off work it was raining.  Usually that would cause me to say ‘forget it’ and skip the run for some extra couch time.  Not that day.  It never once occurred to me that skipping the run was an option.  I had planned to run and I was going to do it.  So I drove home, changed into my running clothes, and headed back out to meet a friend on the bike path.

When I got there and parked I realized the ground was all wet and I needed to stretch.  This is how I discovered an entirely new use for my new car…

It’s the perfect size for one person to stretch in!  I couldn’t have done that in my little Elantra, so I figure it’s another good reason to have moved up to an SUV.

The run was about 2.25 miles long because that is all I had time for.  It was only sprinkling at the beginning but it got progressively harder and by the end it was raining pretty hard.  It was still a pretty fun run though!  Running despite the rain made me feel like a real runner again.  And heading straight to volleyball league after the run made me feel even better.  I was on a high from all the activity for most of the night… until about 10 PM when I crashed hard.

Given the weather forecast I think I’ll be running in the rain again tomorrow too!

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