HOT Interval Run

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By hot, I mean HOT and HUMID.  I thought I was going to melt!

I really want to break that sub-30 barrier in the 5k so speed work is now a weekly part of my life.  I don’t know much about it so right now I’m sticking to the intervals.  It can’t hurt right?  As I’ve mentioned before though, running fast is hard for me!  The first time I did the intervals I did 1 minute fast and 1 minute recovery and repeated it six times.  This time I wanted to go for 10.

Speed Intervals

(10 x 1 minute fast / 1 minute recovery)

Interval 1 –   8:12 / mile pace

Interval 2 –   7:46

Interval 3 –   8:01

Interval 4 – 8:59

Interval 5 –   7:29

Interval 6 –   9:10

Interval 7 –   8:55

Interval 8 –   9:37

Interval 9 – 10:15

Interval 10 –   9:53


You’ll notice that the second half of the intervals are a lot slower than the first five.  There are two reasons for that.  The first is that running fast is hard and so I was kind of sucking air.  The second is that I turned around after the fifth interval and ran straight into a strong headwind.  I like to think the wind has more to do with it.  Next time I plan to run the same stretch for my intervals to see if it was more the wind or the air-sucking.  Hopefully I’ll find my intervals a little more consistent.  I’m really bad at knowing what pace I’m running at… I hope that is something that comes with more running?

I think for the next couple of weeks I’ll stick with the 10 intervals and see how they go and if they get easier.  And for the love of running, I’m also going to bring water next time!


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