Race Recap: Madison Mud Run

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Alright, time for the race recap of my first mud run!  Madison puts on two mud runs each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  The course was supposed to be 4.6 miles long though I have no idea how accurate that is.  It didn’t feel that long.

I did this race with my sister Mindy and one of her friends.  They wanted to walk the course so that’s what we did though we kept a pretty brisk pace.  The race had a cops and robbers theme so my sister made us shirts that said “Turtle Patrol” on the front.  They were pretty cute.

Before starting, all clean!

The obstacles on the course were awesome.  The first was a chest deep water crossing.  A refreshing way to start the race!  Some were pretty hard, like the 6 and 12 foot walls we had to scale.  Some were ridiculously fun, like the inflatable obstacle course.  There were also slippery slopes we had to run up, culverts and tunnels we had to crawl up and down, hay bales we had to jump over, and cargo nets we had to climb.

Thanks to my sister’s awesome waterproof and shockproof digital camera, we were able to get pictures of us on the course!  The battery did die before the really muddy parts though L

Hoisting myself over a wall


Crawling up a slippery tunnel


Three highlights really stuck out for me during the race:

1)      The slip and slide.  It was down a pretty steep hill and if you kept going at the bottom you slid into a mud pit and crashed into hay bales.  Which I did.  I ended up spraying mud into my hair, eyes, and mouth but it was totally worth it.  So fun!

2)     The Cop Shop.  There was a split in the race where you could either go to “jail” where I think they just held you but I’m not sure, or you could go to the “Cop Shop” where you had to eat 2 doughnut holes before they’d let you move on.  Note to self: powdered doughnut holes are a mistake when your mouth is that dry.  Inhaling powdered sugar leads to choking.

3)     The Mud Pit.  The final obstacle before the finish line was a mud pit with low flags across it.  You had to crawl through the pit, under the flags.  It was a holy mess and it ensured that everyone was sufficiently dirty for their end of race pictures.

Muddy messes at the end

The race was well-organized from the start line through the finish line and I liked that they had a shoe collection where they will clean up your muddy shoes and donate them.  The only bad part was waiting in line for nearly an hour to be able to hose off.  It was worth it to be clean and able to sit in my car on the way home but they could have used about a dozen more hoses.

It’s safe to say I’d definitely do another mud run!

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