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by Stephanie on May 24, 2012 · 2 comments

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I wanted to do a whole post on the boxing class I went to this week because it’s something different and fun that I think many people haven’t done.  Now, I’ve never been to a kickboxing class before so maybe they are similar to this.  This is the first regular boxing class I’ve seen at least in my area though.

As a big fan of the Rocky movies, I knew going in that I would like boxing.  Seriously, who doesn’t love a good underdog story like Rocky Balboa?

Inspiration at its finest.

Also, its the only constructive and socially acceptable way to use hitting things as a form of stress relief. :)

The class is at a small gym and lasts an hour.  The main instructor used to box and now referees for youth or amateur matches.  There is another person who has taken the class for some time that leads the group when the main instructor can’t make it.

When you get to class you put on your boxing gloves.  They have extras if you don’t have your own though most people who do the class regularly go out and buy them.  They start with some stretching and arm exercises.  This is just to limber you up and get you ready for punching.

The boxing portion of the class requires you to know that each punch is numbered.  Here they are:

1 – jab (left hand)

2 – cross (right hand)

3 – left hook

4 – right hook

5 – left uppercut

6 – right uppercut

There may be a 7 too, but I’m not sure.  When you start as newbie they teach you how to do each punch and you only do 1 & 2 until they think you’re ready to move to the others.

There were six people in class when I went.  We took turns working with the instructor and while others were with the instructor the rest of the class worked on punching bags.   We did this so each person worked with the instructor 3 times, so a total of about 18 rounds of approximately a minute each.

When working with the instructor, he had training pads on his hands and would call out combinations (1… 2, 1… 1, 2, 1… etc) and you would punch them as he called them.  He would be moving around the floor so you had to stay with him, making sure not to get too far away or you’d overextend or miss him.

For each round the instructor would give the people on the punching bags something to work on.  It could be a combination such as 1, 2, 1, 2 or he could tell you to work on short body shots or power punches.  This gave the punching bag time really good focus.

After we were done with the boxing rounds we took the gloves off and started conditioning.  We jumped rope, did pushups, planks, and all kinds of painful situps and core exercises.  We ended the class with a little more stretching.

This class was pretty fun.  Working with the instructor was by far my favorite part because it was a workout for the body and mind.  You had to recognize the combinations and perform them correctly and you had to keep on your toes moving with him.

All in all I think this class is great and that I’ll be going back, hopefully regularly on Monday nights.  It works on the two things I most need and don’t get from regular race training: upper body strength and core work.  Plus, it makes me feel all tough and badass in a very Rocky-esque way. :)

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Darci May 24, 2012 at 3:47 PM

I’ve always been curious to try kick boxing!! Might just have to look into some local classes :)


Elizabeth May 25, 2012 at 11:11 AM

I think kickboxing would be fun, I’ve tried it at home on digital cable and I really like it but I think I’ll stick to doing it at home till I can actually get better at it (and not sweat so much) 😉


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