Medals, Medals, Medals!

by Stephanie on March 22, 2012 · 2 comments

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I’ve talked about my love affair with medals before, right?  Some people do races for the t-shirts or the PRs.  I get positively giddy over the prospect of getting a medal.  Now, to be fair, I’m talking about finisher’s medals.  I don’t actually place in any race and I probably never will. 

In 2011 I got 3 medals: the Seattle half, the Disney Wine & Dine half, and the Quad City Marathon Relay.

Yay medals! (Ignore the one on the right; it’s from a previous year.)

Well, I just found out this year that I have the prospect of getting FIVE medals!  Holy crapola, is that exciting or what?  Here are the races that just might get me this impressive amount of race hardware:

1)     Chicago Lakefront 10 Mile – April 28th

This is my first race of the year and it’s only 5 weeks away.  I’m not at all in shape for a 10 miler right now but if I finish there will be a medal waiting for me.

2)    Firecracker Run – July 4th

This race has a 5k and a 10k and I don’t know which I’m doing yet.  I’ve done the 5k the last 2 years.  They’ve never had medals before but this is the 30th anniversary of this race so they are going all out with medals (that will look like the logo on the right side of the banner above) and ceramic beer steins with the race logo on it.  SCORE!

3)    Olympic Triathlon – August/September

This is my major personal goal this year but I haven’t registered yet and I don’t know which race I’m doing.  I’m between the Peregrine Charities race  on August 19th which may or may not have a medal and the Hy-Vee triathlon on September 2nd which I know had a medal last year.  I figure I might have to contact the Peregrine Charities race director to find out their medal situation… 😛  I do remember reading that you get a pair of bike shorts with registration though!

4)    Quad City Marathon Relay – September 23rd

Per the race recap linked up above, I did this 5-person marathon relay last year and it was super fun.  This year I hope to do it again if I can wrangle enough friends into it!  If I can’t, I’ll at least do the 5k but I’d much rather do the relay.

The medal this year will look like this logo, minus the 26.2 and add a large blue #15 on top because it’s the 15th year of the race.

5)    Disney Donald Duck Half Marathon – January

This race is kind of up in the air but I know I have 3 friends interested in doing this as our next (and clearly not last) Disney race.  If the medal is anything like last year’s then I will be one happy quacker!


In other, totally related news, a friend of mine managed to talk me into getting on the Quad Cities Marathon race committee (it wasn’t hard) and guess what I’m in charge of?  Yep, medals!  I will have to make sure that we get the correct number of medals, that they are ready to go for all 4 races (5k, half, full, relay), and that we have volunteers to hand them out at the finish line.  Hopefully I can manage this and still participate in the race.  We’ll see, but it should be fun!

What’s your favorite race perk or swag?  Is it medals like me??  Have you ever been on a race committee?

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Jayme @ Still A Mile March 24, 2012 at 12:51 PM

Cute race shirts are always a big plus for me. I haven’t done a race where I get a medal for finishing, but I have a feeling once I do, I’ll be hooked. :)


Stephanie March 26, 2012 at 11:22 AM

I bet you’ll be hooked too! Any potential medal races coming up?


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