Being a Sports Fan has its Health Benefits

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The following is a guest post by Michelle Zehr.

Zehr is a contributing writer with Gold Star Games, your tailgating games company.

A 2005 Gallup Poll indicates that nearly 64 percent of Americans would consider themselves to be professional football fans. As of 2001, women have become a dominant force when it comes to the NFL; making up about 44 percent of all NFL fans. Whether you are an NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB or a fan of any other sport, it turns out that being a sports fan can have many other benefits aside from just entertainment value. Spending your afternoons or evenings in front of the television can actually be good for your health.

Whether you know absolutely everything about your favorite team or just enjoy sports because this means time with close friends, sports can do wonders for your emotional wellbeing. Being a sports fan is about having fun and creating bonds with your friends; both of which can be extremely beneficial to your health. Rooting for your favorite team with your family, friends or co-workers creates an instant sense of community and allows you to build connections with those around you.

Sharing a common bond as an NFL, NCAA , MLB, NHL fan or fan of any other sport. can be great for your relationships; including romantic relationships. Whether you are married, dating or just in the early stages of a relationship, sports can allow for excellent quality time together. Instead of fighting over the remote control, couples who care a common interest in sports can have fun without the fighting, build a stronger relationship and may even live a longer life. Who needs all that fighting after all?

Looking for some inspiration to become more active? Being a sports fan just may do the trick. If the looks of your favorite athletes are appealing to you, you may be more inclined to get up and workout.  This doesn’t mean you have to train like a professional athletes. However, you can have a lot of fun. You can play a game of softball or tag football with some friends.  You can also consider signing up for a 5k with some friends or a significant other.

Simply watching the biggest games of the year may just be a workout in themselves. Researchers have indicated that a 150 pound woman will likely burn 100 calories per hour by simply attending a live sporting event. Think about all the stair climbing! Additionally, there is all the jumping up and down while cheering for your favorite team!

Sports may also be a workout for your brain. A 2008 study conducted by the University of Chicago indicates that watching sports helps to workout the brain. Researchers have indicated that sports fans have better comprehension skills and are also better at planning, controlling and performing skills than those who do not love sports.

Spending a lazy afternoon on the couch watching your favorite teams, just may not be lazy at all. Next time you are accused of spending too much time focusing on your favorite sports team, merely indicate that you are doing it for your health!

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