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by Stephanie on January 30, 2012 · 1 comment

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I just started this blog a year ago and I probably was only reading other blogs for a year at most before then.  In the blog world, I’m still a newb in all respects.  Most of the blogs I follow are what you might call “healthy living” blogs.  Even more than that, most are written by athletes.  Not professional athletes but people who enjoy training and racing, who set goals and take pride in working to achieve them.  I read them because I’m interested in those topics and I can relate to them.  For the same reasons, I also read a couple of economics and personal finance blogs. 

Weight loss is a topic I talk about on my blog and one that interests me since I have a good amount of weight to lose.  However, having perused the internet and checked out a good number of weight loss blogs, I have only found a few that I gladly follow.  Why?

I find most weight loss blogs make me sad.  There is, in my opinion, a severe lack of self-love present in most blogs I’ve seen dedicated to this topic. (Note: I recognize that this is not true of all weight loss blogs but I have seen a lot of it). I see posts about how they hate their bodies and how they’ll never be happy unless they can be a size 2.  I’ve seen pictures of painfully skinny women posted with comments like “someday I’ll look like this”.  There are even blogs out there where women are openly anorexic or bulimic and they are proud because they think “someday this hard work will pay off and I’ll be beautiful” (direct quote!).  I want to cry for these women.  I want to hold them, stroke their hair, and tell them they are beautiful right now.  I want to punch society (or anyone else who had a hand in it) in the face for dropping their self esteem to such a low level.

Weight loss shouldn’t be about self-hatred.  It should be about self-love, inspiration, and empowerment.  You should be striving for a healthy weight because it will allow you to live a longer, fuller life.  Maybe it will make you better at your sport of choice, let you run around with your kids without getting winded, or reduce your risk for a disease which you have a genetic predisposition.  Even to be able to wear tall boots or sleeveless tops.  There are a million good reasons to lose weight but there are just as many bad ones.

I’m a firm believer that losing weight will not automatically make you happy because it is likely not just your weight making you unhappy now.  If it is your job, your relationship status, your finances… losing weight doesn’t change those.  This mentality can backfire: what if you get to your goal weight or size and you’re still unhappy?  That could drive you back into bad habits and weight gain.

“What you put out into this world is precisely what you get back”

Overweight or not, your body does amazing things.  It carries you through daily activities.  It provides your loved ones a shoulder to lean on and your kids a lap to sit on.  Maybe it allows you to play sports or games that you enjoy.  Respect it.  Learn to love it, even the things you consider faults.  Big calves, pointy nose, small boobs, skinny arms, love handles… it doesn’t matter what it is.  They are part of what makes you who you are.  And if you’re losing weight, love your body through all of the changes.  You are worthy of self-respect and love.

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Darci January 30, 2012 at 8:38 PM

LOVE your post today!! I 100% agree with you, no matter where you are in your journey you need to love your body & what it does for you each day!

Hope you were able to get out & enjoy some sunshine today friend!!


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