Benefits of Having a Treadmill at Home

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My roommate and workout/running/triathlon buddy got a treadmill for Christmas.  This is AMAZING for me.  Seriously.  The only thing better than getting something you want is not having to pay for it! :)

Really though, we went in together last year on a miniature weight room (bench, some free weights, resistance bands, and floors mats) and over the last few months we’ve talked about wanting to add either a treadmill, bike trainer, or both.  The treadmill was totally his choice and he found a very reasonably priced one.  He didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one because he wanted to make sure it would get used.  If it does and it only lasts a few years then no one is out much money and he’ll have justification to upgrade to a better model.  Smart, huh?  I think so.  Better than spending $2,000 only to find out it only gets used as a coat rack!

The treadmill is set up in the basement because a) that is where there’s room and b) it is always nice and cool down there.  Doesn’t it look great (please please please excuse the grainy phone pics!)?

It has an awesome view of the TV too, as every home treadmill should.  It really passes the time.

It is a sweet little setup.  So far I’ve done three runs on it, two so far this week.  The quick-speed and quick-incline buttons are a nice change from just having to hold the up and down buttons when changing it up during an interval workout like I have to do on many treadmills at my gym.  It’s so much easier!

I’m a big fan of exercising outside whenever possible and I do have a gym membership (primarily to use the pool and weight room) but it is both convenient and practical to have a way to get cardio exercise at home.  So, what are the benefits of having a treadmill (or any piece of cardio equipment) at home?  There are lots of them!

1)       Open 24/7 – Abiding by gym hours can be a pain.  My gym is only open until 3 or 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday depending on the time of year.  That’s crazy.  I’m an afternoon/evening exerciser and this can be a problem.  Last night I ran at 10 PM and it was fantastic.  My gym would not have allowed me to do that.  Day or night, doesn’t matter.

2)      Less Hassle – Gyms have downfalls like messiness, overcrowding, BO, people who don’t wipe down their machines, and the fact that you have to drive there.  Home could have different downfalls.  The difference is that at home, YOU control the environment and you can change it to work for you.

3)      No Judgment – Some people are uncomfortable working out in front of others.  Some don’t even want to run outside for fear of looking silly or bad or having people they know see them.  Having exercise equipment at home means you can work out without fear of judging eyes.  Try new moves you might not try elsewhere.  Grunt in the middle of your run if it helps you keep going longer.  No need to be embarrassed, it’s just you and your goals!

4)      Time Crunch Killer – If you only have 20 minutes to work out and it takes 5 or 10 to get to the gym it just isn’t worth it.  But if you have 20 minutes (15 even!) and a treadmill at home, you can have a heck of a workout (push the intensity during a short workout!).  It doesn’t take much time to make a difference.

5)      Bad Weather?  No Problem! – Exercising outdoors is, in my opinion, far superior to exercising indoors but weather doesn’t always allow it.  Too hot, too cold, high winds, heavy rain, icy roads… the list of inclement weather goes on and on.  With a treadmill at home you can still get a great workout no matter what.  Take that Mother Nature!

6)      Watch While You Work Out – Lots of people have a favorite TV show, maybe several, which they watch every week.  A treadmill allows you to watch whatever is on your DVR without making a permanent imprint on the couch cushion.  It also helps pass the time so you might actually stay on longer.  If you watch an hour of TV each night, try spending 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Think about it: if you just walked at a moderate pace while watching Jeopardy (or insert your favorite show name here) every day, that’s 2.5 extra hours of activity each week.  It adds up!

7)      Be At Home When You Need to Be – Do you have a small (or not so small) child that you need to watch?  A new puppy that needs you to be around?  Are you taking care of a sick loved one?  Are you making a dinner and don’t want to leave the house with the oven on?  Are you waiting for a delivery, a service person, or a phone call?  I could go on and on listing valid reasons you might not always be able to leave the house for a workout.  So don’t.  You can hop on the treadmill while dinner is cooking and still watch your kid or be there for a delivery.

Basically it comes down to eliminating your (and my!) excuses.  Having a treadmill at home can invalidate some of those excuses and make working out more convenient.  It just might leave you with no reason NOT to go for a run!

Do you have cardio machines at home?  What benefits did I miss?

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