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The last few days I’ve been itching to register for a race.  I know my best motivation comes when I have a goal event.  I started planning my 2012 race season (also known as the year of triathlons) back in early November but I hadn’t registered for anything yet.  Until last night!

What events did I register for, you ask?  Read on!

Frostbite Footrace 8k

It’s a nice local race on paved paths through a state park area.  I did this race last year and it was the longest I’d ever run in my whole life.  Since then?   Two half marathons completed.  Amazing what can be accomplished in a year huh??  Since the last half (Oct 1) I haven’t run long, though I have become good friends with interval training!  I figure this race will force me to get back into consistent, normal running. 

Quad Cities Triathlon

I’d probably do this race even if I wasn’t doing any other triathlons.  It’s a great sprint race with great people.  And if you’ve ever been burned by a lack of information or communication for a race, you should sign up for it.  The race director sends out so many emails that it borders on the ridiculous, but you can bet there isn’t a single question left unanswered by race day! 

I had a little sticker shock when I was signing up for the race.  $67 isn’t bad for a sprint ($55 for USAT members) but for some reason I’d remembered this race being more in the $45 range.  I know, I know… this from a girl who paid $230 to run the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon.  The funny thing is that my roommate brought up the cost of the half to point out how silly it was to balk a little at $67.   What can I say?  I must block these things out.

I had another realization when registering as well.  I’m in a new age group!  Despite just turning 29, I will be racing the 2012 triathlon season in the 30-34 age group.  Yikes!  For those of you not familiar, the USAT uses your age on December 31st of the race year to determine your age group.  I imagine this is to ensure you race in the same age group all year long but I can’t confirm that.  Google could, but oh well.  I will be 30 next December 31st, hence the new age group.  In fact, unless I do a late November or December triathlon somewhere warm (read: not in the Midwest), my “race age” will always be older than my actual age.  Craziness!

Anyhoo, I’m super excited to be registered for a couple of races and I’m excited to try my hand at triathlons once again.

Have you registered for any races lately?  Tell me about them!

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