Rocking It Like G.I. Jane

by Stephanie on November 17, 2011 · 0 comments

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Do you remember the movie G.I. Jane?  Demi Moore is convinced to be the first woman to go through the Navy SEALs boot camp to pave the way for other female commandos.  I only vaguely remember the movie since it came out in 1997 and I haven’t seen it since. 

(Demi, looking as good as Sinead, with a shaved head.)

The first thing I remember is how hard it was to watch.  Demi’s character gets the crap beat out of her multiple times in this movie.  She goes through a lot to prove herself in this boy’s club and it was enough to make me want to avert my eyes.  It’s also very likely the reason I haven’t seen it again.  I can cite this reason for why I haven’t done repeat viewings of Boys Don’t Cry and The Passion of the Christ as well.

The second, less sad thing I remember about the movie was how buff she was.  There is this training montage where she is doing all these different kinds of pushups.  Feet on a chair, one armed with feet on a chair, and then this ridiculous one…

How insane is that?  Now, I’m never going to look like that and I really don’t want to but I will always be amazed and slightly jealous of pure strength.  Watching her do this (and she really did 50 of these!) is kind of like watching male gymnasts do the Iron Cross.  I watch in awe and think holy cow! 

So ever since seeing this movie I’ve wanted to knock out just a single one arm pushup with perfect form, preferably with my feet on a chair.  This from the girl that can barely pull out 10 regular pushups in a row… right!

Well last night my personal trainer must have looked into the deep recesses of my mind and seen that silly thought because she had me do incline pushups with my feet on a bench as part of our chest and triceps workout.  I did 3 sets of 6 for a total of 18 incline pushups.  With two arms of course.  They were crazy hard but I did it (helped along by some grunting) and at the end I felt like an absolute badass!  And what did my personal trainer, who had no prior knowledge of my infatuation with G.I. Jane’s pushup savvy, say to me when I finished the third set?

“You’re a regular G.I. Jane!”

Some people just always know the right thing to say :)

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