Planning the 2012 Season

by Stephanie on November 6, 2011 · 0 comments

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Last week I found out that registration for the 2012 Quad City Triathlon was open.  My first thought was “I should register!”.  My second thought was “what other races will I do?”.  I know it’s only November but in my opinion that is not too soon to start planning next year’s athletic adventures.  I always work harder when I have a goal to focus on and I’m been floundering some this last month since the Disney half marathon.  Hopefully planning out some of my 2012 season will help keep me on track!

In 2012 I’m planning on doing 3 sprint triathlons.  Right now I think they will be the Bluff Creek Triathlon in mid-May, the Quad City Triathlon on June 16th, and the Pardeeville Triathlon on July 7th.  QC and Pardeeville are no-brainers for me as one is a great local race and the other is the first triathlon I ever did back in 2008.  I’m dying to go back to the first course I ever ran and see by how much I can beat my original time!  Bluff Creek is a race that I’ve heard good things about.  It is earlier in the season, not too far away, and I have friends nearby so I’d get to see them and have a place to stay.

I’ve also been toying with doing my first Olympic distance triathlon.  I have no doubt that I can finish this distance but if I decide to do it I want to commit to training so I don’t just finish, but finish well.  In addition, I’d want to find a good race.  The few really good races I know of (Hy-Vee, Chicago, Lake Geneva) are all in late August or September.  I have travel plans (Ireland, baby!) that will likely keep me from those.  I would want to find a race sometime between mid-July and mid-August if possible.  The other thing to consider is that the Bix 7 mile race that I try to do every year is the last Saturday in July so I’ll have to work around that as well.  Clearly some more thinking and research need to be done before I make a decision here.

That’s all I am thinking about for the 2012 season so far.  I’d like to keep my options open.  I’m sure I’ll throw in a few shorter road races and I might even try my first duathlon.  Also, the friends I ran the Disney half marathon with this year have been mumbling about the possibility of another Disney race in the next year or two.  My main goal is to be in good enough shape to tackle any adventure that comes my way!

What are you going to try in 2012?

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