My First Personal Training Experience (Or How I Lost the Ability to Walk Down Stairs)

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I’m not really kidding about that stairs comment.  My quads are burning!  But I digress.  Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

I used to be a member of the YMCA as it is a really nice, big facility with 2 pools and a driving range that is less than one mile from my house.  Doesn’t get better than that!  Well, during my year-long quest to build up my mileage and run 2 half marathons I did almost nothing but run.  I golfed and played tennis some.  Swimming?  Nope.  Lifting?  Nope.  Going to the gym a single time since February?  Nope! 

Thus, my membership lapsed for about 6 months.  When I went in a few weeks ago to start lifting again I had to rejoin.  One of the benefits of joining (even a second time) is a steep discount on a personal training package:  three 30-minute sessions for $45.  I thought that was a pretty good deal and since I’d never tried it before I signed right up.

Last night I had my first session which was about an hour long.  The first 30 minutes was spent talking about goals and nutrition and getting my weight and body fat measurements.  My trainer’s name is Jaime and for the most part I really liked her.  She is certified, training for a figure competition, and has been in sports since childhood.  I think she has a lot of good information to share though admittedly I took a bit to warm up to it.  I haven’t had a coach to tell me what to do for about, oh, 10 years and then it was a coach I’d trusted for a long time.  When she started talking about what I should be doing my reaction was something like “who the heck is she to tell me what to do??”.  Not conducive to a good training session.  I did warm up to her though.

The workout we did was a circuit designed to be both cardio and resistance by keeping my heart rate up while completing sets of body weight exercises. 

Session #1 Circuit:

  • Run 2 laps around indoor track
  • 10 wall squats (using an exercise ball against the wall)
  • 10 plank pushups (start in pushup position, go down on right forearm, then left to get into plank position, then go back up to right hand, then left to get back into pushup position)
  • 10 prisoners (stand with legs should width apart and hands behind head, go down on one knee then the other to kneeling position, then back up on one leg then the other to standing position).

Repeat 5 times

The thing that struck me about this workout is that none of the elements are hard.  Really, try the plank pushup.  Pretty easy to do, right?  It really is!  They are not, however, so easy to do 50 times.  Repetition is key and it was repetition that left me looking like a sweaty beast by the end.  Really sweaty!

I really enjoyed the workout.  It was tough, no doubt about that.  I worked harder in that half hour than I would have worked on my own.  Coaches have always had that effect on me and apparently so do trainers.  The great thing is that Jaime is not a yeller.  She wasn’t screaming at me to work harder.  She was encouraging and motivating which made me want to work even harder.  I’m a pleaser and I don’t aim to please people who yell at me.  True story.

We chatted during a cool down and I was feeling really good.  Then I had to walk downstairs to get to my car.  Holy painful legs Batman!  I figured I would be sore the next day, not the minute it was over.  Silly me!  So today is a little rough.  Walking is no problem but going down stairs is tough.  So is sitting down in a controlled manner.  I’m pretty much just falling into the back of every chair so my quads don’t have to hold my weight to lower me down 😛

I have two more 30 minute sessions left (the assessment didn’t count towards my time) and I’ve scheduled them for the next two Tuesdays.  Hopefully I won’t still be sore.  Ha, just kidding… I better not be.  I’m actually excited to see what other torture she has in store for me!

Have you gone to a personal trainer?  What was your experience?


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