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Here I am, sitting around the living room with my parents, sisters, and brother-in-law, typing this post as we chat and laugh and watch TV.  Later we’ll have a big dinner and watch Christmas movies, and tomorrow we’ll decorate the tree.  I am so blessed.

There are so many things for which to be thankful!  It doesn’t matter how rough a day, month, or year you are having; there are reasons to be thankful.  Look around you.  Do you have love?  Faith?  A million dollars? (Just kidding on that last one J).  Do you have a place to live, a warm bed, or a pet?  Do you have a friend or family member (or several) that cares about you, a job, or a way to get around?   Do you have any moments that have made you smile lately?  Be thankful for them.  All of them!  It doesn’t matter how small a thing it is.  We take our creature comforts (like that computer or smart phone you’re on) for granted but we are luckier than most of us know.

On Facebook several of my friends and I have been posting one thing we are thankful for each day in the month of November.  It’s a good exercise in recognizing our gifts.  On bad days it’s hard to come up with something but it’s there, waiting to be recognized.  Maybe it’s the DVR that taped our favorite TV show that’s going to cheer us up.  Maybe it’s something else.

Here are the things I’ve been thankful for each day in November so far.  I hope you take time today to recognize all the wonderful things in your life and give thanks to (your) God for all the ways you have been blessed.

1st – I am thankful to the Colbert Report for introducing me to “The Goat Rodeo Sessions” last night.  It’s a classical/bluegrass inspired string quartet featuring Yo Yo Ma.  I love it!

2nd – I am thankful for my ability to work out.  Even if I do make myself super sore every now and then!

3rd – I am thankful for a training class giving me a break from my normal work routine today.

4th – I am thankful for the first frost today.  That’s right!  Changing seasons are awesome and you wouldn’t appreciate summer without winter.  Almost time for sweaters and skiing!

5th – Today I’m thankful for friendships that survive all kinds of life changes and still stay strong.

6th – I am thankful for my home!

7th – I’m thankful for my warm, cozy bed.

8th – I’m thankful for my education which has opened many doors for me and landed me in a great job with a great company.

9th – Today I am thankful for my Mom.  She didn’t give me everything I ever asked for but she gave me everything that matters.  Happy Birthday, Mom!!

10th – Today I’m thankful for my awesome volleyball team.  They’re awesomely fun people and always make my Thursdays super fun!

11th – Today I’m thankful for all the veterans that ever served for this great nation, especially my Dad.  You are appreciated more than you know!

12th – I’m thankful for visitors!  I am having a blast with my Mom this weekend.  I might not let her leave!

13th – Today I am thankful for God’s presence in my life.

14th – Today I’m thankful for all the birthday wishes!  Thanks everyone!  I love my birthday.

15th – I’m thankful for my sisters.  They’ve been good role models for me.

16th – Today I’m thankful for compliments and praise for a job well done and positive feedback on how I can improve myself.

17th – I am thankful for caffeine!

18th – I’m thankful for weekends where I can do whatever I please!

19th – Today I am thankful for old friends.

20th – Today I am thankful for my personal breakthroughs.

21st – Today I’m thankful for poetry and music, which often convey things that are hard for me to put into words.

22nd – I’m thankful for airplanes because they get me to my family much faster than a 15 hour car ride.  This equals a lot more family time!

23rd – I’m thankful for Dean & Satchmo.  These dogs have got some serious personality.  They keep it interesting and are always good for a laugh and a cuddle.

24th – I’m thankful that all of my immediate family can be together today and that we are all healthy, happy, and safe. 


What are you thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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