Friday Favorites: Holiday Movies

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It’s officially Christmas season!!!!!!  Wahoo!  Why am I so excited, you ask?  It could be because I’ve been listening to Christmas music since about November 15th (not all that early!) and today is the day that all the scrooges people who criticized my “celebrating too early” actually join in the Christmas fun.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind if you want to wait until December 24th to start celebrating (or if you don’t want to celebrate at all for that matter), I just wish people wouldn’t get on my case so much for having my radio tuned to XM’s Holiday Traditions.

But that’s all behind us now so let’s talk about movies.  All of the major networks are getting ready to start their nightly Christmas movie lineups.  There are about fifty dozen movies that will play between now and Christmas day.  Everyone has their favorites.  The ones you make a point to watch.  The ones that warm your heart.

Here are my Top 5 Christmas movies.

1)     The Muppet Christmas Carol

This is hands down my favorite version of this story and I love the Muppets.  I imagine if you had an aversion to puppets, this would not be for you!  I, personally, watch this movie at least once a year besides Christmas because I love it that much.  Michael Caine is fantastic as Scrooge and the store is both funny and heartwarming.  And the music!  The music is fantastic people.  In my house it is nothing short of a sing-along!

One point of interest: there are some versions of the movie on DVD that do not have the song “When Love is Gone” (which was not in the original theatrical release but was in the original VHS release).  Big mistake.  The song is intergral to Scrooge’s change of heart and the movie feels emptier without it.  I made sure my copy has it.

2)    It’s a Wonderful Life

This movie never gets old for me.  It restores my faith in life working out exactly the way it should whether we realize it or not.  I think that’s something a lot of people need to remember.

3)    A Charlie Brown Christmas

I think everyone in the country loves this movie, right?  Doesn’t need a lot of explanation.  We are all happy when that little tree fulfills its Christmas destiny. :)

4)    Borrowed Hearts

This is the newest movie on my list.  It stars Eric McCormack (who could seriously use a haircut here!) as a rich, single jerk who hires Roma Downey’s character and her daughter to play his family for Christmas to help him close a business deal with a family-oriented businessman.  The businessman is Hector Elizondo and he’s the best part of the movie in my opinion.  Anyway, it’s a cute little holiday love story.

5)    A Smoky Mountain Christmas

I usually watch this one alone or with my sister because it seems that others have no love for this movie.  Yes, it’s completely ridiculous.  There’s a witch, a poisoned pie, a mountain man, a creepy paparazzi man, a house full of orphans, and some crazy 80’s hair.  We all need a little ridiculous in our lives though and who better to provide that than Dolly Parton? :)

The Bing Crosby classics like White Christmas and Holiday Inn are right up there too!  I love old movies and musicals and these are no exception.

Tell me what your favorite holiday movies are!

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