Favorite Healthy Snack this Week: Hummus & Peppers

by Stephanie on November 10, 2011 · 0 comments

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There was a time when I didn’t even know what hummus was.  True story!  I had no clue.  Then I studied abroad in London in 2004 and my beautiful Russian/Jewish roommate introduced me to it.  I remember being a little afraid to try it because it looked so… paste-like.  But I did and I fell in love and I’ve never looked back!

The hummus I bought regularly at my London grocery store is only a memory now and I struggle finding really good hummus at grocery stores in the States.  When I lived in Chicago I bought my hummus from the Pita Inn Market which specialized in amazing Mediterranean food and also had a restaurant next door.  In my current city it is either Sabra (the best grocery store brand I’ve found) or making it myself.  It’s honestly better if I make it but I’m kind of lazy.  Unfortunately this means that Sabra often wins out.

Why all the hummus talk?  It is a key ingredient in my latest, favorite healthy snack!  I bought a big bag of these small, fresh yellow, orange, and red peppers last weekend and about every other night I’ve been cutting up a bunch of them and having them with a serving of hummus.  This, friends, is what is saving me from the potato chips this week!


Pretty & colorful, right?

What’s your favorite healthy snack lately?

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