Birthday Weekend Highlights

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I <3 birthdays.  So much!  Honestly, mine is today (WAHOO!!) but I start thinking about it every year in about August.  Making plans and wish lists and just being happy I’m alive.  Cake, presents… what’s not to love??  My mom understands the importance of birthdays too.  She was so excited on her birthday this year that she called me at 7 AM to say “I just had to tell someone I’m so excited that it’s my birthday!!!!”  Hilarious.  So now we know where I get it.

This weekend was spent celebrating my birthday and my Mom was awesome enough to come and visit.  Here are some highlights from the celebration:

Working Out Together

My Mom was nice enough to use a couple of my guest passes and join me at the gym.  I was so proud of her for how hard she worked too!  On Friday I did a treadmill run while she did a resistance band circuit.  On Saturday we biked together, did the rowing machine, and I did some extra ab work.  I wanted to lift on Saturday but my shoulders were so sore from personal training  on Thursday that I thought it best to wait another day.


My mom’s birthday is 5 days before mine so we spent the weekend shopping for gifts for each other.  I made out like a bandit here… look at this haul!

That’s 2 pairs of workout pants to help get me through the winter, 1 pair of Gap jeans (my favorite!), and a sweater.


I struggled to decide on a birthday treat this year because I didn’t want to have cake around the house for the next week.  I settled on cupcakes after hearing about a new cupcake business started by two of my friend’s aunts.  I thought supporting this local venture was definitely the way to go.

White Chocolate Raspberry (w/raspberry filling… yummmm)

Mint Chocolate Chip

Both flavors were delicious.  I brought the extras (i.e. most of them) in to work this morning and they were a big hit!

Young Frankenstein – The Musical

Are any of you Mel Brooks fans?  I am!  It worked out perfectly that the one night that Young Frankenstein The Musical was going to be in town was the night before my birthday.


Though the movie will always be classic (Gene Wilder is just too good) the musical definitely lived up to my expectations.  I was grinning ear to ear and laughing for most of the second act.  There was one joke they left out that I missed (“Put the candle…back!”) but I loved how they turned Puttin’ on the Ritz into this massive song and dance number that really got the audience going.


Today (the actual birthday) is going pretty swimmingly despite having to wake up at 5 AM, have my mom to the airport by 6, and go straight to work for an all morning meeting.  Luckily getting such an early start means I got to leave work early.  Now I’m just relaxing before heading out for a dinner and a movie at a friend’s house.  Can’t be that, right?  Gosh I love my birthday :)

How do you celebrate your birthday?

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