Thoughts on a Thursday Night

by Stephanie on October 13, 2011 · 0 comments

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These thoughts are coming at you in bullet form.  Get ready because my filter is malfunctioning and it might get pretty random up in here!

  • My indoor volleyball league started tonight.  We lost spectacularly.  All 4 games.  Ugh.  My competitive side hates losing.  Last year we entered the end of season tournament in last place and swept the whole thing.  Last to first.  That’s impressive!  Still, this year I’d prefer NOT to lose all year long.
  • I love old sitcoms.  I could watch reruns of Frasier, Golden Girls, and The Dick Van Dyke Show all day long.  In fact, with the exception of volleyball I’m kind of there right now.  But I watched Grey’s Anatomy and Big Bang Theory too.  Best of the old and the new!
  • This week has been kicking my butt.  I’d like to think it’s just the struggle of returning to work after a vacation but who knows.  I go back and forth between loving my job and wanting out of the work force all together.  Am I the only one??
  • I may get to go to Georgia for work in two weeks.  I do love that I get to travel for my job from time to time.  My work trip to Brazil was amazing!  Plus, going to Georgia means I’d get to see my family too.  Bonus!
  • Speaking of family, my Mom called me to see if I wanted her to come visit for my birthday.  Of course!  We’re big on birthdays in my family.  She and my sister flew to London with my favorite cake as a carry on when I studied abroad in 2004.  We didn’t have silverware in the hotel so we ate it with our hands.
  • Writing that story about my birthday in London made me smile more than anything else has all night :)
  • I absolutely love the YouTube video of Nicki Minaj meeting her little copycat, Sophia Grace on The Ellen Show.  Man that girl has attitude!  I’m pretty sure I didn’t know the name of any singer except Raffi when I was five.
  • Remember Raffi?  It’s a little piece of my childhood.  Love it!
  • I just updated my iPhone to iOS5.  The reminders sound pretty cool.  It can remind you to do something when you arrive at or leave a specific location.  It sets up a “geo-fence” and uses the phone’s GPS to know where you are.  That’s crazy!
  • I set up a reminder for when I leave my house next.  I’m dying to walk outside and see how far away I have to get before it reminds me

  • I just left my house to see how far I’d have to go to get my reminder.  I couldn’t wait!  Answer?  2 blocks.  The reminder for when I arrived at my house went off as soon as I walked in front of it.
  • I’m a big nerd.  It’s one of my favorite things about me.
  • This is a bad bad bad bad food week for me.  It’s like I’m eating for 10.  Gross.
  • The Ocean Spray cranberry commercials with the old guy and the young, dumb guy make me laugh.
  • Yeast infection commercials make me uncomfortable, even when I’m alone.  (This is not as random as it seems.  Both commercials were just on TV!).

Okay, that’s really all I’ve got for tonight but the idea of ending on yeast infection commercials is just too weird.  Let me think of something else…

Of course this is where my mind goes blank!

Last random thought of the night…

  • I wish I had someone nearby to speak French with.  I love the language and used to speak it very well.  I would be fabulous to be able to use it regularly!

Alright, that’s all she (I) wrote!  Have a good Friday!

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