Halloween Favorites

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Hello there, internet!  Did you miss me? 

I’ve been a little MIA this week due a mid-week work trip but I’m back now and ready to tackle an awesome Halloween weekend.  Actually, it started last night! 

Here are my favorite things about Halloween time:

1) Apple Pie

This is referring to a liquor that a friend and I make, not the actual pie.  It’s a delicious concoction and I have yet to find its equal.  Many bars do make their own, but I just don’t feel they are nearly as good as this one (I think there are a few key ingredients and measurements they don’t get right). 

Anyhoo, this relates to Halloween because the only time this drink can be made is when there is fresh apple cider available from the local orchard, which means it has to be fall.  One batch fills up about 8 fifths (we save empty alcohol bottles to fill) and we usually make two batches each year.  It’s a great drink for sipping, there’s no need to mix it with anything, and it gets better as it ages over the months.  All our friends love it and we generally take a bottle to any big gathering.

This year’s batch was made last night.  Made the house smell great!


2) Hocus Pocus

This movie came out when I was 11 and I just love it.  It’s a Halloween classic for us children of the 90s!  I watched this last night (during/after Apple Pie making) and it was as fun a movie as I remember.  I just wish the people I watched it with this year liked it as much as I did.  Have you ever had someone make fun of a movie you love?  It’s frustrating!  Yes, it’s corny and meant for kids and has inconsistencies.  Get over it and don’t ruin it for others!

3) Halloween Weekend Races

Though I’ve never done a crazy costume race there is a local Hot Chocolate 5k on Halloween weekend that I did last year and I’m doing again tomorrow.  The coolest thing about this race is that instead of a race t-shirt (because come on, all the races have those) they give out a medium weight fleece jacket!  This is an awesome goody bag item in my opinion.  I’m always cold so the more fleeces I own the better!

4) Costume Parties

In college my friends and I were the kings of costume parties.  Pick a theme and we’ve done it: 80’s, 90’s Dance Party, Sports, Jimmy Buffett, Pirate party (epic!), Toga, etc.  We don’t buy costumes, we piece them together from finds at Goodwill, thrift stores, etc.  They’re always much cooler and more clever than a vinyl costume you can buy, in my opinion!  The parties have dwindled a little in the last couple years but Halloween is the one constant and my roommate and I host the costume party every year.  This year is no different. 

We’re big on group costumes too.  We’ve done Wizard of Oz (I was the Lion), Captain Planet (Gaia), and Gilligan’s Island (Maryann).  We’ve been slacking on costume ideas this year but last weekend there was talk of doing Peanuts characters and me being Lucy.  The main problem with this is that we didn’t leave ourselves much time to come up with a costume.  I searched a few stores last Sunday and didn’t find much.  With my work travel this week that leaves me with approximately 30 hours to find a suitable blue Lucy dress.Eek!  I guess you all know what I’ll be doing tonight! 😛

P.S.  I need to look approximately like this… any ideas??


What are your favorite things about Halloween?


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