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by Stephanie on October 12, 2011 · 0 comments

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I know I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks.  I enjoyed my vacation and race in Disney World and have taken my sweet time to post anything on it.  That’s partially because I didn’t have free internet on vacation and partially because I’ve been processing some things.  I’m back now though!  I’ll catch you up in other posts coming this week but for now…

 …the roommate and I decided to play in the kitchen a little over the weekend and I thought I’d share our creations.  Nothing fancy, but definitely tasty!

We started with two different applesauce recipes, both from the Food Network site.  I am not quite so evolved yet that I can make my own recipes and have them turn out well.  Luckily, Food Network really knows their stuff!

Applesauce #1 was an Alton Brown recipe that used apple juice and brandy, no water, and was cooked in the microwave.  We used Gala apples for this one.  I was skeptical because it was cooked in the microwave but it’s quicker than stovetop so I wanted to try it.  It’s a little on the sweet side but pretty tasty. 

Applesauce #2 was made on the stovetop with a very minimal amount of water and a good amount of cinnamon and nutmeg, giving it a spicy flavor and much darker color.  I liked this one best.  It was made with Honeycrisp apples. 

I think the type of apple probably makes a big difference so for comparative reasons I would have liked to use the same variety for both recipes but instead I just used what I had on hand.

Also, a friend told me my applesauce pictures look like baby puke.  Sorry about that.  I’ll admit I’m new to food photography and my patience does not currently lend itself to setting up a photo shoot where my applesauce is displayed on a colorful plate surrounded by apple slices (as was recommended to me).  Maybe someday.

The next recipe was classic devilled eggs.  They were downright delicious.  I LOVE these things!

Finally, dessert time.  We dipped strawberries in Ghiradelli chocolate melted in our version of a double boiler (i.e. a bowl on top of a pot).  Hey, it works! 

The Food Network stepped in here telling us to melt white chocolate in a plastic bag in the microwave and cut a corner off so we could drizzle it onto the dipped strawberries.  I would have thought melting things in a plastic bag in the microwave would be a no-no.  Wouldn’t the bag melt?  Apparently not.  We didn’t have white chocolate though so we melted some cherry chips and drizzled that on top.

All in all, a fun and delicious night in the kitchen! :)

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